Thoughtful Personalised Gifts for Yoga Enthusiasts

Today on the occasion of International Yoga Day, people from all over the world are ready to take off their yoga mats and do some yoga. It is celebrated on 21 June every year to spread awareness about the importance and effects of yoga on people's health. The word 'yoga' is derived from Sanskrit meaning to join or unite.

To honor the day, we have bought you some ideas for gifts for yoga lovers. No matter what these yoga gifts are, they will put a smile on the face of your yoga enthusiasts friends. If you are trying to figure out what to give to a person who loves yoga, the gift guide below has some great gift ideas for any yogi in your life. Read on below gifts for yoga lovers!

 Personalised gifts for yoga enthusiasts

Yoga Coasters

Yoga coasters are one of the best yoga gift ideas for yoga enthusiasts. Help them show dedication to their practice of yoga by posing with this stylish set of coasters who are familiar with funny yoga poses. Help your loved one keep their yoga practice interesting by treating them to a set of yoga coasters.

Yoga coasters

Personalised Yoga Mat

There is no better gift for a yogi than a really good high quality yoga mat. The mat is where a yogi spends so much of his time, so like a bed, it needs to feel good, provide them with the support they need and serve its function well. Yoga mats come in various colours so you can give whoever you want to your favourite colour of his/her choice. Also, you can personalize it with thoughtful quotes related to meditation and yoga poses. One of the perfect gifts for yoga lovers.

Personalised yoga mat

Personalised Scented Candles

A set of scented candles include Lavender Gardenia Lilac and Rose, which help relieve stress and relax for your yoga lover friend. Made from pure wax, scented candles work great while performing yoga poses. You can personalize it with a quote or a message. Perfect for yoga, massage, reiki and meditation.

 Personalised scented candles

Massage Balls

If you or your yoga lover friend enjoy massage this is the next best thing. These massage balls allow you to go deep into tight areas and relieve stress and tension. So, the next time you are seeking yoga presents for yourself or your friend then this is the perfect gift option.

Massage balls

Custom Wall Art

Wall art can create a sense of Zen-like balance in a simple yoga room. You can give your yoga lover friend a customised wall print to match the studio's color scheme.

 Custom wall art

Customized Water Bottles

While doing yoga you should have a good amount of water so you can give a bottle sipper in which your yoga lover friend can have water or any energy drink while doing yoga. Choose funny phrases like "Drink!" ‘You can do it’, etc. to remind your yogi friend to stay hydrated during their practice.

Customized water bottles

Yoga Charms

Luck, positive energy, purity, eternity, creation, knowledge and new beginnings. Yoga bracelets cleanses and corrects the heart chakra and can help connect with the mind.

Yoga charms

Yoga Meditation Book

The next best thing you can give your yoga lover friend is a meditation yoga book. This book guides you to cultivate the building blocks of self-care like meditation, health , making time for yourself and confronting the common roadblocks. Also, it makes a great choice of gifts for yoga teachers.

Yoga meditation book

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are flexible pants which stick to your legs. They are very important as when you do yoga, you enhance your flexibility and you should wear something flexible as well. So yoga pants should be worn when one is doing yoga. So yoga pants should be a very good gift for the enthusiast.

Yoga pants

Yoga Mat Bag

A yoga mat bag is best for travellers. If the person whom you want to gift loves to travel, then you can give him/her a yoga mat bag in which he/she can put a yoga mat.

Yoga mat bag

So, these were some yoga gift ideas for yoga enthusiasts. Send them one of these Personalised gifts online and encourage them to stick to whatever they are doing because there is no better exercise than yoga. Happy Yoga Day! Happy Gifting!