Heart Warming Messages That You Can Send To Your Partner On Promise Day 2022

Love is an experience that is exceptionally rare and beautiful, it’s capable of changing your life for the better while making you the happiest you have ever been

Heart Warming Messages That You Can Send To Your Partner On Promise Day 2022

Nothing can beat the all-consuming feeling you get when you cross paths with your soul mate, the person who understands you like no one else.

“Love is a promise, love is a souvenir,
Once given, never forgotten….
Never let it Disappear!”

The words of Mr. John Lenon would have made perfect sense when you both started your journey together. We know you made some secret promises to yourself, promises of love, care, commitment and happiness! Those promises are the foundation of your relationship and mean so much more than a bouquet of Valentine flowers. Speaking of Valentine’s, an entire day is dedicated to the lovely promises of love, known as the Promise Day, in Valentine’s week that is just around the corner. Any plans for Valentine’s promise gifts? If the answer is no, then do not fret, as we said earlier your words and feelings mean so much more than gifts, hence, here are some adequately written beautiful messages that will help you to express your heart’s deepest feelings to the person you love the most!

  • As a king takes care of his crown,
    I promise I will love you and cherish you from this very moment,
    to life’s every dawn!
  • I still can not believe my fate, I am tongue-tied, frozen in my state
    The promises that I made silently, I now want to share
    So, allow me if I am not too late…
    A promise to love you now and forever
    A promise to face everything together
    A promise to fight the world with you by my side
    & a promise to sail through life together, with every tide.
  • I may not be to able express, but you are the one that I truly desire
    And I promise I will be there for you even if the world around is on fire,
    And as will be there, together, waiting for a charm
    I will be glad just to be engulfed in your arms!
  • I remember when you asked, what I want the most
    I looked into your eyes, the words I wanted to utter, were lost
    The desire was not of stars and neither of moon
    The need was to make you mine, soon
    And as that dream came true,
    I thought I wouldn’t want anything else, but I do
    I want us to be together, come what may
    And I want you to read in my eyes, what my lips don’t say…

And one for those who are living miles apart….

  • As I see you there, away from me
    Shall I tell you what exactly I see?
    I see a man/woman who makes me feel proud
    I see the love that, despite the distance, screams loud
    I see someone who is brave and kind
    I see a beautiful soul with a sound mind
    And as I see you, I make some promises to me
    That here I am by your side and here is where I always will be….

Promise Day is entirely dedicated to you and the one you love. We hope that our messages will make Valentine’s day gifts more special. Happy reading and happy Valentine’s Day, may you always be in love!