How Natural Plants At Home Helps in Fighting with Asthma Disease?

Putting up with asthma is quite difficult. Shortness of breath, troubled sleep and the constant lingering pain in your chest is certainly a subject of worry. However, depending on inhalers to breathe easy every day is the real trouble here. Unfortunately, regardless of umpteen cutting-edge medical innovations, an absolute cure for asthma is still a question mark. Adding to the can of worms, tossing with medications and inhalers for years, is quite a pinch to the pocket. So, let’s figure out if there is an alternative approach to the treatment of asthma. Little were you aware, but houseplants for asthma are a real deal.

Natural remedies work a miracle in cutting-back the symptoms of asthma. Wondering if it is a particular asthma plant you must know? Well, indoor plants are undeniably a great option. Also, simple little tricks like abdominal breathing, steam bath, and relaxation of muscles help fight the ill-effects of the disease. Keeping a check on your diet could help as well.

Asthma or allergies, diseases are entirely related to the quality of the air you are breathing in. While controlling the air quality outside is practically impossible, making efforts to clean the air circulating indoors is not as hard as you reckon — kick-start by potting some health befitting indoor plants. Little did you know, but indoor plants are a real boon. It purifies the air by large. Least of its perks, these plants are some fancy additions to any home decor.

Are you Schooled About the Exact Cause of Asthma?

Well, studies are expansive. The respiratory disorder is pretty severe, and if left unchecked or treated, an attack could be fatal as well. Respiratory infections, allergens flooding the air, menacing preservatives in food, cold air, and what not - there is a burgeoning count of reasons, enlisted as a possible cause of asthma. All said and done, it boils down to a significant point - clean air is the best promising remedy for asthma patients.

House Plants Health Benefits for Asthma

Let’s roll in with the process...

Get planting my friend because describing a spic and span house is incomplete without making efforts to spruce up the air quality. Here’s starting with a list of befitting houseplants for asthma.

1. The Spider Plant

Beautiful for sure, spider plants are much more than just a showpiece. The plant is a boon to patients who have asthma. Thinking how? Well, spider plants clean the air and make it breathable. If that wasn’t enough, the plant could ward off toxic substances and chemicals, floating around in the air, only to aggravate shortness of breath.

Spider Plant

2. Dracaena

Many reckon this house plant as an allergy reliever. This plant magically cleans the air off toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene, often spotted as a by-product of smoking cigarettes. Wondering if it’s going to take quite some effort and watering to keep the plant alive? Well, here’s the good news - the indoor plant is a low maintenance one. It can survive drought. However, do water your plant occasionally.


3. Chinese Evergreen

Speaking of low maintenance indoor plants for asthma, the Chinese Evergreen, also known as Aglaonema, is a great option. The plant can bloom in low-light and require very less water to thrive. Thinking how is potting the Chinese Evergreen helpful? Well, it rules out the presence of baneful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde and ensures clean, healthy air.

Chinese Evergreen

4. Marginata

Are you not too thrilled about indoor potting plants that are commonly spotted in every other household? Well, getting hands-on Marginata could welcome you to a world of benefits. Also known as the Dragon-Tree houseplant, the sleek leaves are a gorgeous addition to your tabletop. The plant is reckoned as an excellent air purifier.


The names mentioned above are some of the best houseplants for asthma. Indoor plants are not hyped, simply because of its beautifying aspect. They can keep the air clean by warding off harmful toxins and mould spores (a threatening cause of allergy and breathing complications). Enjoy relief from asthma with these super easy natural remedies.