How To Grow Money Plant Faster - A Pro Guide For You

According to Feng Shui, money plants bring good fortune to the home. It also cleanses the air, allowing us to breathe purified air. Now, if you are the one who likes to decorate their balcony with money plants, then you would need good tips to grow money plants faster. With good care and assistance, a money plant can elevate your interiors with its beautiful appearance. There is a misconception that money plants don’t need any care, they just grow, but minimal care doesn’t mean they don’t need water, fertiliser or light. It simply means, unlike heavy caring plants that cannot survive without water a day, you need not take that much care of your money plant. Considering this, we have today jot down a blog that enlightens you about how to grow money plants faster. After purchasing money plants online, India, we all look for money plant fast growing tips. Therefore, we have covered every section that can help you care for your money plant in the best way possible. So, let’s have a look at the pro guide we have curated for you.

tips to grow money plants faster


We either let the plant grow in water or soil but, we do not let the plant develop the roots first in water and then transplant it in a soil pot. The first and the foremost tip to grow a money plant faster is you need to place the plant in water first. Let the plant develop roots in water. As the plant develops the roots it signifies its faster growth. After that, putting it in the soil will be a better choice.


Watering is another crucial factor to consider when you look for tips to grow money plants faster. Overwatering can ruin this plant. So, let the soil dry between 2 watering periods. In summers, water this plant for the duration of 7-10 days and during winters once in 2-3 weeks. You can also allow the soil to dry between watering. Damp soil to be used only when feeding the plant.


If you keep the money plant near the window, you will see it growing towards the light. Yes, the money plant loves solar light and thrives well in solar colours. So, keeping it in daylight near the window will give it faster growth. This will enhance your experience, and you will love to watch money plants growing towards the daylight.

Pot Selection

If you are keen to plant the money plant inside your home, you need to choose a small pot. Remember, plant growth is directly dependent on pot selection. You can also directly plant it in soil for better growth. For quicker growth, it is recommended to put the pot with plants on the balcony or the patio. So, keep in mind this tip to grow the money plant faster.


As the money plant is not a flowering plant, it is good to use nitrate-based fertiliser. Water-soluble fertiliser works well. During summer and spring when the plant grows more, feed this plant once a month, and during winters, there is no need to fertilise this plant because the growth naturally slows down. It is recommended to dampen the soil before fertilising.

Climbing Up

We all know that money plants love to climb up. For that, we can add plastic or glass poles. These poles will help the plant to hike appropriately and give a faster growth. You can also add ropes to it so that it swirls around. You can also tie the stems until it reaches the pinnacle. So, helping the plant to climb up properly is another tip to grow money plants faster. This tip is essential because climbing is not a process that one can skip. So, help the money plant to experience better growth.


Pruning is another vital step to take care of. If you won’t remove the dead or overgrown branches how the new, fresh branches will come? So, it is recommended to cut the dead and overgrown branches of the money plant and see how it delivers fast growth. This is one of the tips to grow money plants faster.

Final Thoughts

Now, as you grow your money plant at home, remember the points mentioned above. Every plant needs care and assistance to thrive well. Money plants bring wealth, prosperity, good luck, and happiness, you would want it to last long. And for that, you would have to put little effort into it. Grab money plants from an online plant nursery, India, and elevate your patio or balcony with this beautiful money attracting plant. We hope our tips to grow money plants faster helps you to take proper care of your money plant. Follow it pointwise and see your plant thriving well.