Is Butter Really Better For Cake

We don't enjoy anything more than a kitchen loaded up with the powerful smell of baked desserts with the brilliant richness of sweet cream butter. In any case, the scientist in us requests that we keep an unbiased look while assessing which sort of fat generates the best cake. Fat in cake plays a very important role as it gives aeration, moistness, flavour, tenderness and texture. The issue with figuring out which kind of fat qualifies as the cake fat champion is that various fats influence different attributes of the cake and functions of butter in cake is different than that of oil or any other fat. Butter is known for its flavour profile, shortening for aeration, oil for moisture provision, and margarine a mix of properties.

Butter in Cake

Well, below is what we discovered after baking a classic butterscotch cakes using butter, canola oil, shortening and stick-type margarine.


Well, we are totally surprised with the result! We guessed that the cake would be moist which it was after all the oil cake was certainly the moistest of all the cakes. What we discovered amazing was that the oil cake was as light and tall as the shortening cake. We expected the oil cake to be all the more short and thick since oil doesn't hold air pockets just like butter and shortening, however, this was not the case. This cake has a somewhat coarser, more open crumb than the butter cake however the texture is just great! We also expected the oil cake to taste flat, instead, it has an amazing butterscotch flavour that tasted just like the butter cake.


We literally expected the butter cake to be the champion as we used the best butter for cake making - unsalted butter. However, what we discovered is that the flavour of the butter cake is hard to identify from the others as it was quite similar. The value of the butter came in its capacity to create a beautifully fine-textured cake. The little crumb size was observable when contrasted with the more open crumbs of other cakes. This smaller crumb leads to a cake that has less height, but even then it didn't appear to be excessively thick.


We seriously expected the margarine cake to be terrible. But it wasn't as bad as we imagined. The margarine cake is almost as moist as the oil cake however it didn't have a similar light texture. It was likewise coarser than the butter and oil cakes and has more air pockets. The salt present in the margarine made the cake saltier, however, in general, the cake is not too bad on most fronts. We would not say this cake is awful but neither is it great!


The shortening cake was by a wide margin and our least favorite. While the cake is tall and light in thickness, the surface is coarse, crumbly and dry. The flavour is fine, but the texture is unappealing to such an extent that any ideal qualities were overshadowed.


Well, baking with butter is a perfect choice but surely you can replace it with oil any day as the results were great! You will get the perfect moisture which is amazing. If you are too busy to bake a cake, then you can get a perfect cake to Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, or in any other city by ordering online. Happy eating! Happy baking!