Know The Best Flour To Make A Moist Cake

Just quite like the way, cakes are a necessity to lead a life which is worthwhile, the flour is also an absolute necessity when it comes to for baking cakes. No doubt, it is one of the most important ingredients. Not just it gives size and shape, but also give cakey texture and flavour, which makes any cake even more desirable. So, to make your cake an absolute treat you need to choose the best flour for cake baking to be a major success.

Best Flour for Cake

There are different types of flour for the cake which seems to be categorised on the basis of its origin. Most people would order eggless cake online as they wouldn’t have to face this dilemma at all. But all those amateur bakers who are wanting to refine their baking skills will surely be curious as to find out which cake flour helps to bake the best of cakes. So, this blog is dedicated to all those souls. May they continue to learn more about baking and ace their baking game.

All-purpose flour would seem like the best flour to bake cakes. But, let us tell you that you are highly mistaken if you were wondering that it is. This kind of flour is said to contain protein, which forms gluten when kneaded into a cake batter. Further, due to the presence of gluten, it makes the cake batter chewy, rustic texture, eventually making it rough and dry. So, the best cake flour would be the one of whose protein content is low, so that our cake turns out to be a tender one.

Although, when used in the right proportions, all-purpose flour can also be suitable for baking cakes. But, not as much as cake flour! Due to milled from soft wheat, and containing between five and eight per cent protein only, cake flour is said to be the best flour used for baking. Its low protein content gives rise to only a nominal amount of gluten when one is mixing the cake batter. It undergoes the bleaching process which is what makes it perfect to absorb moisture and provide cakey structure, quite easily as compared to other substitutes of it. Cake flour is best suited when a baker is preparing a cake from the scratch as it has a fine texture and can clump. All, one needs to do before making use of this flour is sift it.


Another, flour which is low on gluten content and gives us moist cakes is almond flour. Commonly used to prepare almond flour chocolate cake, this flour is a good nutritious bang for you as well as an ideal alternative for a gluten-free diet. As compared to the popular alternative to traditional wheat flour, it is low in carbs, packed with nutrients, and has a slightly sweeter taste. It is also said to suppress the bad" LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance.

The next type of flour which can be used for baking is- cake wheat flour which is quite widely used in the baking industry. Specifically, the whole wheat flour. This type of flour comes in two varieties, namely 100 per cent whole wheat flour and white whole wheat flour. One is made from hulled red wheat grain and another from hulled white spring wheat, respectively. The former seems to provide more fibre and other nutrients than all-purpose flour. While the latter has a milder taste and lighter colour compared to the 100 per cent whole wheat flour. This kind of flour is highly rich in nutrients because it contains both the wheat germ and the bran. It is best suited for baking dense fruit cakes.

Moist Cake

The baking conclusion would be - Unless, you are much into baking, you might just like to experiment with all-purpose flour. Just because, it provides satisfactory results for almost any cake. If you are unable to find the cake flour, then use all-purpose bleached flour but exclude 2 tablespoons of the flour for each 1 cup in the recipe. Use any of this flour, but avoid using bread flour simply because of the reason it being rich in protein which will result in a rough cake. And you surely don’t want things to go wrong so that to cover your mess up you have to end up ordering vanilla, strawberry or chocolate cake online. So, make a wise decision when it comes to baking!

Happy Baking To All!

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