21 Lockdown Memes, Because Only Memes Will Help To Survive Quarantine

Millennials never miss a chance to cook a funny dish out of the trends. In just a matter of seconds, they stock up the social networking sites with loads of memes. And the ongoing Lockdown due to pandemic COVID-19 is the new ingredient of meme dishes.

Lockdown Memes Will Help you Survive Quarantine

So, while you are enjoying #QuarantineMode, here are some relatable and funny memes to freshen you up.

1. No College, No Library, and No Ishq. Nibba Nibbi Shocks, Modi Ji Rocks!

Modi Ji Rocks

2. Oops, that hurts! Beware of stepping out!

Beware of Stepping Out

3. Don’t worry Gym Freaks, it will be all right. Just a ripping time!

Don’t worry Gym Freaks

4. Looks like we got the perfect equation! Quarantine = Majani Life

Looks like we got the Perfect Equation Quarantine

5. Welcome to the game where Introverts rule!

Welcome to the Game Where Introverts Rule

6. My tongue feels like a drug addict kept in Nasha Mukti Kendra

My Tongue Feels Like a Drug Addict Kept in Nasha Mukti Kendra

7. Baghban Again… (COVID-19 playing the VILLIAN)

Baghban Again

8. Ahem! Ahem! So freaking true…

So freaking true

9. Spidy got confused! Tell me which day it is?

Tell Me Which Day it is

10. Work from home and be a millionaire! Ask us the truth.

Work from Home and be a Millionaire - Ask us the Truth

11. It’s not the end of the world!

It is not the End of the World

12. #QuarantineLife and useless information

Quarantine Life and Useless Information

13. Whaaaaat! Let me get my medicines.

Whaaaaat - Let me Get my Medicines

14. Encouraging someone has never been so much fun.

Encouraging Someone has Never Been So Much Fun

15. Kota Factory writers predicted it way before

Kota Factory Writers Predicted it Way Before

16. Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, Kuch Dur Chalte Hi (Background music: chapat, chapat, chapat)

Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Kuch Dur Chalte Hi

17. Gamers: “Thank You, Modi Ji, for the LockDown”

Gamers - Thank You Modi Ji for the LockDown

18. The Logical Quarantine Line

Logical Quarantine Line

19. Don’t we all want this?

Do not We All Want This

20. The Smart Doggo!!

The Smart Doggo

21. #StayHome #StaySafe We will defeat Corona!

Stay Home Stay Safe We will Defeat Corona