How To Celebrate Birthday at Home Amid COVID-19 LockDown #Givelittlelove!

Birthday celebrations are no less than festivals. The colourful streamers, the party pops, the “Oh! So tasty” cake. Everything together makes birthday celebrations a grand affair. Unfortunately, due to the deadly coronavirus breakdown, the nation is under lockdown for 21 days. As far as your eyes can see, you will catch a glimpse of deserted streets and shut down shops. However, this doesn’t imply that you forget to celebrate one of the most important days in the life of your family member: Birthday.

Celebrate Birthday at Home Amid COVID-19 LockDown

Baar baar din yeh aaye, baar baar dil yeh gaaye
Tum jiyoan hazaaron saal, yeh meri hai aarzu
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!

Sing this song aloud and wish many more years of happiness and love to your dearest family member by celebrating his or her birthday in lockdown with pomp and show. Here’s how to celebrate birthday in lockdown at home amid the COVID-19 Lockdown. Simply, because “viruses don’t infect emotions.”

1. Bake Love

A cake is fundamental to birthday celebrations. “Keh diya toh bas keh diya.” Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online bakeries have temporarily suspended their services in the light of social distancing and to take preventive measures. But, you can always wear your chef hat and try your hand at baking. Read this homemade birthday cake recipe, and you can easily bake a cake at home. God forbid, if you fail to bring on the table a perfectly baked cake, we have a fail-proof birthday cake idea: Layered Bread- Nutella cake. On 2-3 bread slices spread Nutella, stack the bread one over the other, garnish it with fruits or walnuts. If you are running out of Nutella, you can spread fruit jam, peanut butter or anything available with you at the moment. This is surely going to be the most delicious cake a person has ever eaten on their birthday.

Bake Love

2. Decorate Naturally

To create a conducive and cheerful birthday environment, decorations are what people swear by. As you cannot step out of the house, it’s time to decorate the home for a birthday party, naturally and sustainably. Giving you a few suggestions of birthday decoration at home in lockdown. You can make streamers from the clothes (cut strips from old colourful t-shirts, and hang them on the wall), decorate the cake table with paper flowers, make an entrance with potted plants instead of balloons. By any chance you find a carton of party props, very well, make good use of them. Don’t forget “Maa hamesha cheezein sambhal ke rakhti hai.“

Decorate Naturally

3. Handcraft Masterpiece

Family members always say “Iski Kya Zarurat Thi” when we give them gifts on their birthdays, but deep down in our heart we know “Iski Zarurat Thi, Bas Keh Nahi Paa Rhe The.” Make the most of your quarantine time to handcraft masterpieces because that’s what you are good at doing. Explosion box, photo scrapbook, greeting cards, 50 reasons why I Love You, wooden photo frame, LED bottle, etc, etc… There are a hundred and one options that you can create and present to the birthday girl or boy as a gift. “Kuch gifts anmol hote hai, jaise handmade gifts.”

Handcraft Masterpiece

4. Fun and Food

Like a coin has two sides, so does everything. There is an evil and good side of everything; Coronavirus is no different. As it is a happy moment because we are celebrating someone’s birthday, we’ll talk only about the positives. Family time and bonding is the brighter side of the isolation that we all are currently practising to combat COVID-19. Food and games inject merriness in birthday celebrations. You turn your birthday celebration into a potluck party where every member of the house prepares a dish, and you can bond over food. You can have “Khaane pe charcha”. After the cake cutting ceremony, you can play games together like musical chairs, tombola, cards, monopoly, killer-detective, dominoes.

Fun and Food

5. Write Your Heart

What’s a birthday without birthday wishes and Instagram stories? Well, a regular day. Birthday is special for everyone, and as a family, we must make the day exceptional for the birthday girl or boy. Ditch the verbal way of wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ and trust the magic of handwritten notes. “Jo hum keh nahi pate, vo shabd bol jaate hai.” Pen down a heartfelt birthday wish for the person or tags with birthday wishes and make him or her cry happy tears.

Write Your Heart

Amidst the COVID-19, #givelittlelove and make wishes come true “Kynki Janam Din saal mein ek hi baar aata hai. Celebrate birthday during lockdown like this!