Know All About May Birth Flower

We all can agree upon the fact that May's an extraordinary month. All things considered, it's the finish of spring and the official beginning of summer. Also, who doesn't like throwing those heavy winter garments in the storage room for good and looking for a better than ever summer closet?

Past garments, May is a really stylish month. Simply ask it's official birth month flower, lily of the valley. Indeed, it's one of the most fascinating and in vogue blossoms you'll go over, thanks to its delightful white bulbs, sweet aroma, and rich symbolism.

Also goes by the name May lily, Mary's tears, May bells, and its scientific name Convallaria majalis, which straightforwardly means the "valley belonging to Maia," a goddess whose child saved and protected the bloom in ancient times. Flower for May birth is generally utilized in fragrances under its classy sounding French name, "Muguet des bois". Let’s all agree that everything sounds awesome in french :p

Know All About May Birth Flower

What's more, lilies of the valley are a very basic staple in weddings. Indeed, Kate Middleton took a lily of the valley bundle down the passageway to wed Prince William. Convinced now? We are.

In case you're a Breaking Bad fan, you know that the lily of the valley is similarly as dangerous as it is lovely, on account of its extreme toxicity. (Also, we're all stunned Walter did that, as well!) Whether you're born in May or are looking for May birth flower arrangements ideas, here's all that you need to know about lilies of the valley.

Lily of the Valley Symbolism

Like we said above, lily of the valley has a profound abundance of symbols and numerous meanings. Most normally, it reflects feminine temperances of sweetness, purity, chastity, good luck and quietude.

Lily of the valley likewise plays a major role in Christianity, being referenced multiple times in the Bible. May's birth blossom generally represents the second arrival of Christ and symbolizes Eve's tears after she was expelled from the Garden of Eden.

In folklore, it is said that the lily of the valley shielded nurseries from fiendish spirits and was utilized as an appeal to avoid witches' spells. As per legend, fairies would utilize the little bulbs as cups to drink from, and another story talks about a lily that wouldn't sprout until the songbird she longed for came back to the woods where she rested.

Lily of the Valley Symbolism

How to Care for your Lily of the Valley Bouquet?

If you receive a Lily of the Valley bouquet or are planning to give someone the same, then have a look at the tips so that you can carry on with the bouquet for a long time and make your home increasingly dazzling at the same time.

Here’s how to can keep your lilies alive for as long as about fourteen days:

  • Cut 1 to 2 inches from the base of the stem at a 45-degree point under room temperature water. This will keep the blossoms extra hydrated.
  • Dispose of any leaves from the stem that might be under your container's waterline to prevent bacterias from developing.
  • Fill the container with water and add a flower food packet, two tsp of lemon juice, one tsp of sugar, and a half tsp of bleach.
  • Place the lilies in the jar and set it in a spot away from direct light and conditioners.
  • Change the water at regular intervals like in 2 days.

Also, make sure to consistently keep your lily of the valley bouquet away from children and pets.

How to Care for your Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Hope you learned all about May flower month! If any of your dear one’s birthday is coming up in May, then surely surprise them with this beauty!