Janta Curfew Funny Memes

In order to combat the new NOBLE CORONA Virus, in PM Modi’s recent Mann Ki Baat session he introduced us to the Janta Curfew. Not only, just that he urged everyone to follow this self-imposed curfew to curb the pandemic situation as an outcome of this deadly virus outbreak. In his speech, dates March 19, he addressed the nation to stay indoors and observe a quarantine period from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday, 22 March. In order to #fightcorona, he clearly stated if not an absolute necessity, people shouldn’t step out of their houses.

But, as the people say “Haters gonna hate” and make a joke out of everything. PM taking a major initiative for the betterment of people, he and his ideation fell trap to memes and a laugh riot began, as a consequence of it.

Janta Curfew Funny Memes

Here are a few of those #JantaCurfew memes which shall bring a smile on your face amidst the situation, we are facing. Let’s cut some slack and lighten up the mood over giving these memes a read! #CoronaSeDarona bas ye memes padhona. ;)

1. Me on Janta Curfew Day at 5 pm:

Janta Curfew at 5 pm

2. Me Losing My Mind After Listening To Modiji's Janta Curfew Speech:

PM Modi Address the Nation on Carona Virus

3. PM Modi: Don't Step Out This Sunday,

Me Who Likes To Sleep:

PM Modi - Do not Step Out on Sunday

4. No one:

Literally no one:

Modiji in the wake of a deadly virus: “main jab chota tha....”

Modiji in the Wake of a Deadly Virus - Main Jab Chota Tha

5. Just After Hearing Modiji's Speech,

Me practicing for Sunday:

People Clap at 5 pm to Address Working Employees for Public

6. Meanwhile, Mumbaikars be like:

Kya Tumhare Ghar mein Balcony Hai

7. This is how we plan to fight coronavirus:

This is How India will Fight with Coronavirus This Sunday

8. Leaders in the world: Citizens don’t have to pay bills, stay inside, be prepared, this is a war, more facts that people want to war

M*di: If ur happy and u know it clap ur hands

Stay Inside Be Prepared

9. After Watching Honorable Prime Minister's Plan #JantaCurfew

Corona be like :

After Watching PM's Plan of JantaCurfew

10. Meanwhile Kashmiris on Janta curfew:

Meanwhile Kashmiris on Janta Curfew

11. Me and my boys screaming during #jantacurfew on the balcony:

Me and my Boys Screaming During Jantacurfew on the Balcony

12. When you realize that your daily normal lifestyle is no less than "Janta Curfew"

When you Realize that your Daily Normal Lifestyle is no Less than Janta Curfew

13. When you step out during #JantaCurfew :

When you Step Out During JantaCurfew

14. Situation after hearing about #JantaCurfew :

Situation After Hearing About JantaCurfew

15. Prime Minister: Please Create Awareness About Jantacurfew

Prime Minister - Please Create Awareness About Jantacurfew