List of House Plants

Plants, apart from giving a new life to your house and new decor, they provide us with great medicinal value. Plants can add an organic character to any living space. From cleansing impure air to giving your home a creative decor– there are a plethora of benefits of having indoor plants around your house. Here we have listed 10 best house plants.

List of Plants

1. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of those flowering plants that have been one of the popular and best air purifying plants proven by NASA. It helps remove trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the air. It prefers direct sunlight but can also survive in indirect or medium sunlight. Its beauty and elegance make it the best indoor decor plant and its appearance makes it a perfect gift to impress your loved ones. Order this flowering plant online from a reputed store and send your good wishes to your family and friends.

Peace Lily

2. Jade Plant

Jade plant is one of the easiest plants to grow at home and to take care of. If watering plants is an issue with you, then this plant should be on your list. They need direct sunlight to grow properly and fertilize them every six months. Jade plant, when kept in southeast location brings prosperity and success in the house and they make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Jade Plant

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is a tried and tested medicinal plants that are widely known to provide good skin complexion. Aloe Vera plant likes to be dry. Keep it in a sunny window and don’t water it for two to three days, if you have just repotted the plant. Wait for some time for the root to settle. It makes the best medicinal plants online for home decor and also a great skincare plant to provide a fair complexion.

Aloe Vera

4. Money Plant

Money plant is believed to bring prosperity and luck. It contributes to increasing the finances of the house. It barely needs repotting and seems to do well, even when root-bound. The money plant is one of the best plants in India that can improve air quality. A money plant can be potted in a small glass bottle or even a small pot. Money plant requires adequate watering and it can survive without water too in case you forget to water it.

Money Plant

5. Spider Plant

Spider plants are grown for years and are still popular. It’s from your grandmother’s time. It adds an old-fashioned but an antique appeal to your home decor. Spider plants remove, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air. They are easy to water and prefer moist soil. Avoid direct sunlight. Fertilize it twice a month during summer and spring. Spider plant symbolizes caring. Present it to your loved ones as a token of love and care.

Spider Plant

6. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are also known by their scientific name Ficus Elastica. They tend to grow quite tall and they make a beautiful specious planter. Rubber plant loves bright light but also can survive in indirect sunlight. And it prefers room temperature water. The broad foliage offered by the rubber plant is very attractive. It is known for purifying indoor air and is disease-free. Gift this plant to your friends or family on any occasion.

Rubber Plant

7. Golden Pothos

Even if you are not planting friendly, this plant won’t take much of your time as it doesn’t require much care. It is one of the most common houseplants and does well in low light and is completely fine if you forget to water the plant. The Golden Pothos prefers to dry out in between waterings.

Golden Pothos

So, these were some amazing home decor plants to purify the air and can even de-stress the immediate area. Shop these plants online from FlowerAura and gift your family and friends a green gift to bring good luck, success, and good health. Some of our best collection includes Spider plants, Jade Terrarium, Peace Lily Plant, Peppermint, Tulsi, Peperomia, Ferns, Aralia, etc.

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