Did you Know Lucky Bamboo Plant Attracts Money Like Magnet

Lucky Bamboo, also known as FU Gwey ZHU in Chinese, has three symbols Fu -Luck and Fortune, Gwey -Power and Honor, Zhu -Bamboo. Native to Asia, Lucky Bamboo belongs to the Ruscaeae family with a scientific name Dracaena Sanderiana. Well known as one of the plants that attract money like a magnet. It has been a symbol of good fortune in the Asian culture from more than 5000 years. Lucky bamboo is one of the best plants for wealth and prosperity.

The lucky bamboo brings peaceful and wise energy into the home and office spaces. It is considered good luck plants for business as well. It not only helps in your home decor but also brings good luck and prosperity for all. It is an indoor plant that attracts not only money but also good energy, positive vibes. As it is green, tall and has a vertical shape, a perfect example of the wood element which influences our life energy, spirit, and physical activity. It is also known to be the best indoor plants for wealth and prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Attracts Money Like Magnet

Lucky Bamboo and the 5 Feng Shui Elements

Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring harmony among the five Feng Shui elements water, fire, earth, wood and metal for more positive life experience.

  • Earth: Use rocks, pebbles and clay as the substitutes for the earth to grow your lucky bamboo tree.
  • Water: It is very much important to fill the lucky bamboo container with water every time to sustain its growth.
  • Wood: The bamboo stalk itself represents the wood.
  • Fire: Tie a red colour or any other bright colour ribbon on your vase or pot which symbolize the fire.
  • Metal: Put a metal coin (gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass) in the pot or use glass pots to grow a bamboo tree to represent the metal.
Lucky Bamboo and the 5 Feng Shui Element

It can attract the flow of the positive chi energy wherever it is placed. The best direction to keep your bamboo tree is in the east, or south-east corner of your house as the eastern part of the home or office represents the family, so plant a bamboo plant with three stalks in this area. The plant should be placed in the wealth zone of its home to invite wealth and prosperity, and the southeast direction is best for activating positive energy.

Lucky Bamboo is a very low maintenance plant. It can survive in extreme weather conditions. Also, if you wish to grow lucky bamboo at home, it is very easy to grow lucky bamboo. All you need is; a container, clean water, and polished stones to keep the stalks upright.

Bamboo Attracts the Flow of Positive Energy

A Lucky Bamboo plant makes a great gift. Gift it to your friends, family, or anyone close to you to bring new energy, wealth, success in their life. You can also give one to someone who is recovering from an accident, illness, surgery as it represents healing and new strength.

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