Lucky Plants that Needs to be Placed In front of the House

“This wonderful plant has so many uses and yet is often neglected in our society. The primary use of the dandelion plant is for its superior liver cleansing qualities. The plant is a powerhouse of nutrients!”

Every plant is a little bundle of joy which has got some innate blissful properties to bless its owner with. How wonderful they are? From blessing with some Feng Shui properties like good wealth, good health, good luck, etc. to blessing with its medicinal benefits, each of the plants tries to keep us happy and content throughout our lives. That is why with growing awareness and changing times, people are loving to nurture some plants for home or to pass onto their loved ones on some special occasions. But did we know that each of these plants that bring money and good luck or some other such properties needs to be placed in some specified direction or location of the house? Some of the plants that bring money do well indoors while some outdoors near the entrance of the house. So, if you are planning to decorate your entrance then you can consider bringing these lucky plants in front of the house to bless your family members with a positive aura. Each of these good luck plants for the front door is easily available online as well as offline at some store, you can start your shopping right away after giving this blog a read.

Lucky Plants In front of the House

1. Basil

Also known as Tulsi, a basil plant having some religious relevance is quite a famous culinary herb plant. It is one of those magical plants which release oxygen throughout the day and night. It has been blessed with some therapeutic and medicinal properties which help in the treatment of cold, cough and flu-like symptoms. It is said when a basil plant is placed near to the entrance it acts as one of the good fortune plants for the front door as it attributes to financial success.


2. Morning Glory

Mostly blooming in the end and then shedding its charm by the end of the day when the sunshine disappears, morning glory plant is an ornamental plant with hidden benefits. Such benefits can be released if kept when in front of the house. When placed in the right location i.e in front of the house it blesses its owners with the kind of happiness and peace, its owners dreamt of. Also, once you place morning glory in front of the house, it is said that the plant takes away all the nightmares and blesses one with good, baby-like sleep, full of sweet dreams.

Morning Glory

3. Jasmine

One of those shrubs which are absolutely loved by all because of its beautiful serene white fragrant flowers which are enough to steal someone’s breath away. Jasmine oil and tea act as antioxidants, also helps in weight loss, reduces the risk of cancers and looks after one’s digestive health. When this aromatic shrub bearing flowers is placed in front of the house it is said to help one find their true love and also attracts a good amount of wealth.


4. Palm

Having a tropical breezy vibe, a palm plant can be easily grown informant of the house by directly sowing it into the soil or can even be potted and placed. They are also seen as an effective species of air-purifying plants. The best part about planting a palm plant is these plant species are low maintenance plants and don't require much attention. As per Feng Shui when a palm plant is placed in front of the house it is said to increase the flow of Chi by activating the Feng Shui elements. A person can feel the good, positive energy within their home.


5. Money Plant

Oozing out a good amount of wealth, the money plant is known for its auspicious symbolism as per Feng Shui norms. It is an excellent air-purifying plant when placed indoors and when placed outdoors in front of the house it acts as a little bundle of joy blessing its owners with good wealth and prosperity in their lives.

Money Plant

6. Boston Fern Plant

Mostly ferns are treated to be the useless species of all the plants but in case of Boston fern plant, this fact seems to be so not true. A Boston Fern plant when placed in front of the house attracts good luck, prosperity and fortune. So if you are lacking your luck somewhere while acting in your particular area of expertise, then it's time to get a Boston fern plant and place it in front of your house.

Boston Fern Plant

7. Citrus Tree

If you have heard about Feng Shui, then you must be aware of the citrus tree bringing fortune and good luck to the home. This might be called a tree, but people love to keep it short so that it can be adequately taken care of. As per Feng Shui, the dwarf citrus tree brings in prosperity and usher good luck. The orange lime tree is considered favourable and optimistic because of its bright colour. So, adding a citrus tree to the front of the house can be welcoming to the guests.

Citrus Tree

8. Peonies

Who doesn’t like Peonies? If you know, then the name Peony is believed to be named after Paeon, the Greek physician of Gods and has achieved a good reputation for its medicinal uses in ancient times. This plant is supposedly a symbol of happy marriage and romance, and also, according to people, it brings good fortune, prosperity and richness. This flower has also attracted the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and is said to have a rich flower in a household. So, you can also add Peonies in the front of your house.


9. Orchids

Orchids are one of the most famous flowering plants or trees with utter significance in bringing good luck to the home. In Greek Mythology, the orchids were connected with fertility and today also; people gift these flowers to the new parents. These exquisite flowers are believed to bring love and luck to the love life. It also nourishes and fosters the relationship with your current partner and increases the chance of finding a romantic partner with its magical abilities if you are looking for one. Add this to the front of your house and feel its positivity around.


10. Oak

Do you know about the mighty oak? Well, it has managed to influence the world with its positive powers, and it stands high as the national tree of America. In different cultures, people believe in oak trees, but it is said to be the sacred tree in all cultures. In Greek culture, oak was sacred to the king of gods, Zeus, and in Norse culture, it holds an exalted position for the god of thunder, Thor. Oak symbolises endurance and strength, and today also, people take oak as a supreme tree that should be placed before their house.


11. Sage

Growing Sage Plant is said to eliminate evils. With little care and attention, it gives many leaves in the long run. Also, this is one of the plants that is said to have in every household because burning a sage leaf can eliminate the negative energy; it is directly linked to it. It purifies the air and continues growing. So, adding a sage plant to your house is kind of keeping your property safe from evil energies. Add this lucky plant in front of the house and take a leaf and burn when required.


So, these were some popular yet lucky plants that yield a lot of goodnesses when placed in front of the house.

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