Make This Bhai Dooj Extra Special For Your Brother With Personalized Photo Gifts

Loving the very special festive vibe that has taken over the country? So are we! One of the nation’s most loved and popular festival Diwali is already knocking the door and this year, the Diwali falls on the 7th November. The festival of lights and win of good over evil is succeeded and preceded by a chain of festivals like Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Narak Chaturdashi, Govardhan puja, and finally, Bhai Dooj, which will be celebrated at 9th November, just two days post Diwali. This special festival commemorates the beautiful bond shared between a brother and a sister. Also known as Bhai Phota in West Bengal, Bhai Beej in Maharashtra, and Yama Dwitiya in the southern parts of our country, this festival is celebrated with many different rituals in our country. No matter what what culture or ethnicity you are from, one thing you will definitely find common with every Hindu cultures is the Tilak ceremony. The sisters apply vermilion and sandal paste tilaks on the foreheads of their brother and pray for their good luck and prosperity; in return the brothers shower their dear sisters with gifts and vow to protect them from all the evil forces of society. Be it Rakhi or Bhai Dooj, your brother always put the best effort to pamper you will all the heart touching gifts and hampers and this year, you also want to buy something really lovely for your dear brother.

Bhai Dooj Personalized Photo Gifts for Your Brother

We all know the special factor about a photo that this is the only thing that can hold the memory like no other thing. A personalized photo gift always carry more love and significance than any other materialistic gifts. So, how about showing your brother some photo love on this Bhai Dooj?

Now, this article gives you some excellent photo gift ideas for your beloved brother on this Bhai Dooj:

1. Photo Mug:

You can easily make a nice personalized photo mug with a lovely picture of your brother and a coffee mug. There are many online sites that allow you to print your favorite photo on a mug. You can easily get an enticing photo coffee mug for your brother from such online store. Your dear brother can either use it to drink his favorite beverage or use it as a pen-holder or keepsake on his desk.

Photo Mug

2. Personalized Photo Calender:

How about gifting him a nice photo calender - wall or desktop one? Design this calender with the photos of his special moments-his childhood photos, school days, college graduation convocations, engagement pics etc. This gift will be a very heart touching and special gift for your brother. 

Personalized Photo Calender

3. Photo Key Chain:

This is another personalized photo gift option that comes with a great emotional value. This time you can just make it with a simple key chain tag. Buy this key chain and on it get one of the most sweetest photos of your brother printed. To make the gift really special for your brother, you can simply make a dozen of key chains like this for your brother so that he can use it for multiple purposes- one for his car key, one for room key and so on.

Photo Key Chain

4. Digital Photo Frame:

Are you really planning to gift your brother a nice device that allows him to see any photo at any given point of time? Well, your search simply ends here with a nice digital photo frame. You can select some of the nice photos that define the relationship with your brother and upload them on digital photo frame and gift it to him.

Digital Photo Frame

5. Photography Accessories:

Is your brother extensively passionate about photography? Well, nothing could be a more heart delighting gift for your brother than gifts like new camera lenses or tripods etc. This will not be only an awesome photography gift for your brother but you can also bully him later into doing a great photography session for your family.

Photography Accessories

Bhai Dooj is almost there and we are really running short in time, so don’t waste time by thinking, rather buy any of such gift for your beloved brother.

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