Typical Thoughts That Come To Our Mind During Diwali Gift Shopping

Let’s admit the fact that buying gifts is not really as easy as it sounds! Especially, when it comes to doing the yearly over-whelming task of scouting for those last-minute Diwali gifts for all the people of your circle. Well, you are not the only unfortunate soul floating haphazardly in the cloud of confusion. We’ve all been through the same scenario like this. Walking through the cacophony of Diwali market, hopping from shop to shop, in search for the typical face-saving dinner set or a boring Mithai ka Dabba.

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And while we’ve been at it, it’s very obvious that we’ve also come across a few simple truth. Yeah, we basically posses the same school of thought when it comes to buying Diwali gifts-

1. Perennial Money Problem-

“ Ohh..again I will be left with not a single penny after buying all the Diwali gifts” - yeah man, each rupee count!

2. I Don’t Want Grow A Family Pack

“ I really wish no one gives me all these same Meethai Ka Dabba anymore...can’t you see am already fat? Then..how?” -Nope, most of them are not at all concerned about your health or waistline when buying these meethais. All they look for is some discount deal.

3. Empty Hands Build Second Thought

“How about attending the Diwali celebration at Sharma ji’s place empty handed? Would he really mind..huh”?

4. Present Right Gifts To The Right People:

“Hey buy your own Gucci Bag on your own …it’s Diwali gift and Gucci’s Sarojini Market version is best for you” (no we are not talking about gifting it to your girlfriend but no harm in gifting it to your neighbor Chopra aunty as she keeps on saying not so good words about you on your back.

5. Why Am I So Poor?

“Am I the only poor one who finds all the gifts are expensive in this market?”

6. Hey Bank-Balance, Why Do You Always Act As My Enemy?

“Yeah, am happy that Diwali coming but at the same feeling really heavy-hearted to think about my poor bank balance.”

7. Will Society Accept Me For Being So Non-Sanskari?

“ Hey, am I being non-sanskari…I am sure, it’s only me who is having these kinds thoughts into the mind, I am sure society would abandon me one day..”

8. Some Time Random Gifts Are Life Saver!

“Yup one of these random Meethai boxes is just fine for Chopra uncle”

9. Make The Diwali Wish Bigger With The Lions Roar:

“Yeah the pack is actually small, no worries I will just scream Happy Diwali with 100% enthusiasm...after all gesture matters!”

10. Gift Recycling Can Be Your True Savior:

“Hmm, I still have the last year’s dinner set gift packed …how about doing something with it on this Diwali….all it matters is my feeling, not the gift.”

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