A Mini Guide To Grow Bananas In Pot At Home

Hello Gardeners, today we are going to plant a banana tree in pot. Why not? It’s easy and fun. So, let’s get our hands dirty!

Mini Guide To Grow Bananas In Pot At Home

About Banana in Pot

1. Growing banana plant at home is easier than you think. It is more favourable for people to grow those who live in tropical areas. The large green and soft leaves of the banana tree make it an ornamental house plant.
2. The Banana plant is a fast-growing tree that can transform any place into a tropical paradise. Several Banana plant varieties become excellent indoor plants and favourites of people with black thumb because of fewer care requirements.
3. Dwarf Banana Trees can grow up anywhere between 2-4 metres high.
4. You can grow bananas in ceramic, wood, or plastic pots.
5. Banana plants can grow in containers, but the size of the pot should be at least 15 gallons for optimal growth.
6. When the banana tree outgrows the container, you can repot it in a larger container.
7. Potting bananas in a container gives you greater control over its environment. You can take good care of it in inclement weather.
8. Use a high-quality potting mix and fertilize it frequently.

Soil Requirements for Banana Plant at Home

Banana trees thrive in well-drained soil. So, the right type of soil would be a good mix of peat, perlite, and vermiculite. The ideal pH level of banana plant soil should be between 5.6-6.5(approx).

How to Grow Banana Tree at Home From Seeds

1. Soak the banana seeds in warm water for 24-48 hours. It will break the seed dormancy. The seed coat will soften, and the embryo will sprout out quickly.
2. Fill the container with potting mix soil. Sow the banana seeds 1⁄4 inch deep and then backfill with compost. Water the seed until the soil is moist and maintain damp conditions.
3. For germination, maintain the temperature of at least 60 degrees F (15 C).
4. As seeds germinate, carefully lift it from the pot ensuring that the juvenile roots do not get damaged, and repot it in a large container with free-draining, good quality compost.
5. The time seeds take to germinate depends on the banana variety. It can take anything between 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months.
6. Banana trees can be transplanted after 2 to 3 years.

About Banana in Pot

How to Grow Banana Plant at Home From Corm

1. Choose a dwarf variety of banana tree. Suitable banana dwarf varieties for containers are Dwarf Red, Dwarf Brazilian, Rajapuri, Dwarf Lady Finger, Grain Nain, Dwarf Cavendish, Dwarf Jamaican, Williams Hybrid.
2. Take a deep pot with a drainage hole. Wash the banana corm with lukewarm water.
3. Fill the pot with soil. Now dig a hole using the spatula about 3 inches (7.62 cm) deep.
4. Plant the corm into the hole, dig and fill the sides with soil. 20% of the corn should be exposed until it develops leaves.
5. Once the shoots start to grow from the corm, cover the rest of it with compost.
6. Initially, water the plant to saturate the soil surrounding the corm. Afterwards, keep the soil moist and not overly wet. Also, keep the plant outdoors.

Care Requirements For Banana Plant At Home

1. Banana trees are natives of tropical and subtropical regions. Place the banana container in a spot that receives sun most of the day. Bananas love sun, humidity, and heat.
2. Keep it sheltered from the winds, and cold weather.
3. Keep the soil moist all the time. In summers, watering may be required twice a day. In winters, reduce the watering. And when you water it thoroughly, allow it to drain for some time.
4. Bring the banana plant indoors when the outside temperature falls below 57 degrees F (14 C). Your banana tree will start dying at 50 degrees F (10 C).
5. Fertilize the young plant with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Once mature, fertilize it regularly.
6. Remove old leaves from the base of the banana plant.
7. Keep a check! Yellow leaves indicate a lack of nutrients while brown or dry leaves are a sign of overwatering.
8. Use organic pesticides to repel pests and diseases.

Care Requirements For Banana Plant At Home

Savour sweet bananas of your hard labour.