Top 9 Unique Client Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts are gifts received from the business that are usually branded with a corporate logo. Giving corporate gifts is a great opportunity to show your clients, associates and employees and your customers that you appreciate them. Make your clients feel special with these corporate gift ideas to show your gratitude. Here is a list of the top 9 unique client gift ideas. Let's get started!

Unique Gift Ideas for Client

Personalized Face Mask

Wearing a face mask has been mandated by the government. Wearing a face mask is a step that we can all take to help protect other people in the home, apart from constant social disturbances, self-extinguishing and proper hygiene measures. You can customize these masks with your name, logo or message of community support. They can be a thoughtful and timely giveaway idea for your customers or employees.

Personalized Face Mask For Client

Desktop set

If you are a company that wants to gift something beyond the ordinary, here's your chance! Desktop sets are a class apart and are the perfect pick for a valuable corporate gifting need. With a phone stand, charging slot, a drawer for accessories, slip pad case, and cardholder, the desktop set will always ensure that your client's workspace looks clean.

Desktop set - A unique gift for client

Business Card Holder

A business card holder is another great gifting option for your clients and your employees, Not just you but your customers will also be affected by the thumb-sliding feature. Business cards are dispensed one at a time when the user slides their finger over a button on the front of the cardholder.

Business Card Holder - A gift for client

Personalized Journal

A Journal is a perfect gift for your clients, so they can keep it with the notes they hold the day in and day out. This can be personalized with the company's name or logo or the name of the client you are gifting to. The best and affordable customized gift for your clients.

Personalized Journal - A client gift

Phone holder

This black smartphone holder corporate executive gift will be used by all employees and customers. A great holiday or employee appreciation gift that makes a desktop proud. Can be used for a smartphone and will not be found on your desk in the way of any other desk accessories.

Phone holder gift - A creative gift for client

Wine glasses

Giving bottles of wine as gifts is very common in the corporate world, but you should do something more personal and special for your clients. A lovely wine glass set is one of the most impressive corporate gifts for clients! Giving a gift that a client can use for work is good and all, but it is definitely more appreciated if you give them something they can use at home.

Wine glasses - A unique gift for client

Travel gift Set

Whether travelling, working from home or doing business at a local coffee house, the travel gift Set has everything your client needs in order to stay organized and connected.

Travel gift Set for Client

Personalized Coffee Mug

Your clients are likely used to receiving gifts with the logo of the giver's company logo. Most people consider their own personal items as a great marketing tool and gift. How about sending a gift to your client that is customized for them? The thoughtfulness of a personalized gift will keep you in their priority list.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Gourmet Gift Set

One of the most popular gift options for clients is gourmet food. Fruit baskets and baked goods are common corporate gifts for a reason - they are easy to find, ship quickly, and there will be something for everyone.

Gourmet Gift Set for Client

So, these were some unique and creative client gifts. These unique client gifts will help you maintain a healthy and professional relationship for the time to come. These custom corporate gifts can also be ordered in bulk; all you need to do is visit a reputed online portal and simply place your order. Happy gifting!