9 Most Unique Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Most of the people like to gift something unique when it comes to pampering their beloved ones. And they succeed most of the times because they know what is that thing that the receiver doesn’t have or received till yet. But the real hustle begins when the gift has to be presented to someone who has everything. That’s when all the creativity and uniqueness seems to fade away.

A person who has everything must have received all types of gifts such as useful, emotional, expensive, and somewhat unique too. So what item can make a unique gift that feels new and one of its kind to them?

Here we bring you a satisfying list of 9 Most unique gifts for someone who has everything. These are the items that you may have seen somewhere in the practical world or the web world but you never saw them with the eyes of a gifter. The unique gifts that you are about to see are beyond limits of class and cost, they are just outlandish. Let’s Roll!!

 Unique Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Bouquet of Rare Flowers

You may have received of gifted a beautiful bouquet of blooming flowers to your near and dear ones on different occasions which is really great. But have you ever thought about gifting a bouquet of rare flowers? It can fit perfectly among unique birthday gifts as they will scatter the fragrance of happiness.

Bouquet of Rare Flowers - A Unique Gift


In today’s fast-paced world, the person you want to surprise with a gift may hay everything but not a fun time to spend with his/her family. Ludo is one of those unique gifts for someone who has everything that will bring back the nostalgia and will give the receiver moments of a family fun time.

Ludo as a Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

Wooden Tray For Mobile Phones

As we are talking about unique gifts for someone who has everything, it’s so obvious for us to imagine that the person holds more than one mobile phone. So, we thought to include a wooden tray, made specially to keep mobile phones and tablets at one place in a beautiful manner, in our list of unique gifts.

Wooden Tray For Mobile Phones

Balance Board

We bet that gifting a Balance Board will be unique and beneficial for health at the same time. If practised on a daily basis, the balance board helps to improve the balance of body and focusing power of the mind. You can gift pack it in a large box along with a cute request to make it a part of daily routine.

Balance Board as a Gift

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Well, we are not sure that a hot balloon ride will be a unique gift for someone who has everything, but chances of it being unique are still high on probability meter. Flying free like birds in the air is a lifetime experience. Gather your efforts and arrange a ride the receiver on weekends.

Gift Hot Air Balloon Ride

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow is a unique and helpful gift. Don’t you feel like sleeping while travelling? But do you enjoy that sleep? No, because it’s uncomfortable for the neck. The travel pillow is manufactured in a U like shape that wraps itself comfortably around the neck provides the much-needed support.

Travel Pillow as a Gift for Travel Loving Person

USB LED Fan Clock

We told you that this list is beyond limits. USB LED Fan Clock is a fun electronic gadget and has three comfy benefits. The first thing is that it doesn’t need to be charged via plug as it has a USB port. It provides an instant cooling breeze while you be working Laptop. And last but not least, it shows time to keep you on schedule.

USB LED Fan Clock

LED Shoes

Naah!! You can’t call them weird. They are unique, and they are so much fun. The person you whom you want to present a unique gift may have worn a pair of LED Shoes in his/her childhood, but now when he/she is grown up, a cool pair of LED Shoes fits perfectly as a unique gift.

LED Shoes

Lip Shaped Couch

This gift item will let you decorate the interior of the receiver’s home in a classy and modern way. Lip Shaped Couch is a piece of art and creativity that single-handedly bright up the decor of anyone’s hall. Keep the area and colour of the receiver’s home in mind while buying the couch.

Lip Shaped Couch