13 unique yet incredible cake designs for birthday

"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake."

Cake Designs

A birthday hug, kiss or a thousand-word is okay but doesn’t match up to the wooing level of a delightful birthday cake. As the occasion is super special so the birthday cake design should be even! Here are a few incredible cake designs that are sure to make this birthday cherishable till eternity. You can absolutely try these cake designs for birthday across your loved ones’ birthdays or even yours! When you will chuck out the regular birthday cakes for these unique cake designs it will really show them how much you care. So, make sure to have a look!

1. Cricket Pitch Cake

First one is for all the cricket fanatics out there! If you happen to know or be one of those whose religion is cricket then this is the birthday cake design for you. A cricket pitch cake will be ideal in marking your forever love for this incredible game.

Cricket Pitch Cake

2. Coca Cola Cake

If coke or coca-cola is your survival drink, then say cheers to that fact by raising a toast over this lovely designer cakes. Painted in red and white edible ink with the exact copy of the font, this cake is an absolute treat for every coke lover.

Coca Cola Cake

3. Blue Agate Cake

As precious as the gemstone itself, this pretty blue agate cake makes a fantastic birthday cake because of its unmatched taste and appeal. Symbolising calmness and having a charismatic appeal, this cake is one of the show-stopping cake, when ordered across various celebratory events.

Blue Agate Cake

4. Louis Vuitton/ Chanel Cake

Are you a brand baby? Then, this is just one of a kind designer cakes that is meant for you! Fancy as well as tasting heavenly, a brand cake like this is sure to notch the celebration by a few more ounces for sure.

Louis Vuitton/ Chanel Cake

5. Foodie Paradise Cake

The mother of all designer cakes is this cake for every foodie soul. Decked up with overloaded burgers, doughnuts, cream rolls, icecreams, candies, lollipops, muffins and more (in all made of fondant), this is the cake you will need to celebrate every foodie’s birthday.

Foodie Paradise Cake

6. Library Cake

Did you just wish for a whole library as your birthday cake? Let us tell you that the Almighty probably heard you and came up with a library cake for every bookworm out there.

Library Cake

7. Castle Wagon Cake

Live your dream to the core by taking into account as your dearest someone’s birthday approaches. Experience the magical fairytale vibes that were narrated to you when you were four or five.

Castle Wagon Cake

8. Unicorn Rainbow Cake

Birthdays are indeed magical and one of the most colourful days of everyone’s lives. And so does unicorn and rainbow symbolises! Bringing both of these captivating elements together in a cake definitely has to knock every guest off their feet, for sure at the birthday party!

Unicorn Rainbow Cake

9. KFC Cake

When KFC chicken comes in and as a birthday cake then you bet it has to be indeed, “Finger licking Goood”! While relishing something like this, one will often end up wondering what exactly their first love is - a bucket full of KFC chicken or a cake?

KFC Cake

10. Solar System Cake

Does space, solar system or our galaxy full of stars and other celestial bodies attract you? Then, this is the birthday cake for you! Let the curiosity dawn upon you as you turn a year older and wiser by choosing to celebrate your bday over something wonderful as this cake.

Solar System Cake

11. Cartoon Cake

No new fact that every child or someone who likes to keep their childhood alive loves cartoons. And that is what makes cutesy, quirky cartoon cakes perfect to celebrate someone dear’s birthday over.

Cartoon Cake

12. Messy Bedroom Cake

One of the most realistic cakes of all time, which is what makes this messy bedroom cake a perfect birthday cake for every teenager. Something like this could be a sweet yet embarrassing reminder to clean the bedroom clean for your teenager friend.

Messy Bedroom Cake

13. Movie Reel Cake

It could be that you are a hobbyist photographer or a movie freak, something real as a movie reel cake is mesmerising indeed. You can get some of your pictures personalised to get it printed with some edible ink over the cake.

Movie Reel Cake

So, these were a few of our picks for some unique and incredible cake designs for a birthday which you can try to make at home or order online. Let us know which one you would like to go with!