7 Must Try Indo Western Fusion Desserts!

In the debate of the east or west, we generally concur, why not both? The mix of delightful things from the two sides of the world is a fantastic end. You can say it for accessories, clothes, and desserts as well! Many Indian desserts have things that came because of this amazing fusion - Indo Western! There are numerous such Indian sweet dishes that have been made by the recipes from west for a deliciously new product and are even in trend nowadays in wedding receptions and parties happening throughout the country.

Indian Fusion Desserts

The most amazing halwais (confectioners) in India have been experimenting this for a long time and so many fusion Indian desserts have been made! So, if you have a sweet tooth, you will adore a large number of these fusion cake and desserts. When you order an online cake or any other dessert from the ones we have lined up, expect a heavenly experience! Let’s get started with the list of fusion Indian desserts!

1. Thandai Mousse Cake

While talking about delectable Indian cake or dessert, consider whipped cream and pista thandai together. The ideal mousse cake with these ingredients will make a great sweet. This isn't the whole recipe obviously. The complete recipe depends upon if you want to give the dish a more Indian touch or western touch.

Thandai Mousse Cake

2. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Gulaab Jamun is probably the most loved treat. Indeed, even individuals who are not much of a dessert eater, love Gulab Jamun. Cheesecake is a similarly well known western sweet. If you are looking to make a sweet that people will love, blending the most famous sweets of the East and the West will do the magic! Also, following a wrong recipe can turn the dessert into a horrendous one. So, make it right.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

3. Kiwi Barfi

We have kesar barfi, pista barfi, and kaju barfi! We all love these delicious sweets. So, another flavor couldn't do any harm. All in all, what's your opinion about kiwi barfi? There can be two different ways to make kiwi barfi. One way is to spread chunks of kiwi inside an ordinary kaju barfi. The second way is to get the extract of kiwi and make barfi out of it. In any case, you just gave the delicious Indian dessert a western touch.

Kiwi Barfi

4. Apple Jalebi

Apple jalebi is actually what it seems like. Jalebi out of the fruit extracts! Also, it is not your normal jalebi, it is healthy. Thus, for the ones whose health specialists have advised to avoid jalebis, this one’s for you. An apple jalebi at supper fends the cholesterol off. Let’s say if it’s your 1st wedding anniversary party, then serve this delicious dessert to all the health-conscious guests along with the 1st anniversary cake at your party and witness their delicious reaction!

Apple Jalebi

5. Turmeric Ice Cream

Sounds like a fiasco, right? It will be one if you put an excess of turmeric. Go for normal, regular ice cream and include a scramble of turmeric while beating. Nothing speaks Indian like turmeric. Make your Indian flavoured ice creams a hit at the parties and celebrations. Also, it goes well with different flavours.

Turmeric Ice Cream

6. Choco Gujiya

This isn't exactly the dessert combination you will be looking to serve at a party or occasion. But imagine that smile on the face of your loved ones when they get to eat something other than the traditional Indian sweets. Go with the chocolate cinnamon gujiyas. They will have milk solids inside and an absolutely chocolate spread. You can place in nuts as well. Include some cinnamon sugar for great flavour.

Choco Gujiya

7. Mango Phirni

This isn't too hard to even think about pulling off. You can do this without any recipe. The essential thing is, you need mango mash, and different ingredients for phirni are there already. Mango isn't much of a western fruit but including it in our traditional Indian phirni makes it delicious. Who doesn't adore phirni? What's more, who doesn't adore mangoes! We guess no hands are in the air :)

Mango Phirni

So, that’s all the tasty and famous India cakes and desserts. You should also try these ones of the best desserts in India with your dear and near ones. If you are organizing a party or reception on any occasion, you can surely include these desserts in the menu. See the crowd go crazy over the desserts stall! Make sure you have enough space for the guests in the desserts section!