Top 10 Selling Personalised Gifts in 2020

Well, that time of the year has arrived. The birthdays of your two most favourite people on this earth, your best friend and frenemy brother. Long before their birthday months, you start planning for their big day. That is the defining characteristic of a great friend and a lovely sister. Well done!!

However, every year, it seems an impossible task to find birthday gifts for your loved ones that are- a) thoughtful, b) useful, c) unique, and d) affordable. (Undoubtedly, you love these two people to the moon and back. But, you also love your money, which is not bad). This piece of writing is the answer to all your gifting-problems.

Top 10 Selling Personalised Gifts in 2020

In this blog, we have outlined top selling personalised gifts for birthdays that are trending and not insanely expensive. You would agree with us that receiving a gift on birthdays is a happy experience but getting a customized birthday gift is an overwhelming experience. It is because personalised gifts carry a charm that is unique to them. Secondly, it reveals that the sender has walked the extra mile in choosing a gift.

So, the easiest way to check all the boxes is to go after trending birthday gifts that can be customized with pictures or words. So, here are your options that are ruling the hearts of the buyers. PS: You can buy personalised gifts online, and all of these choices are easily available online.

1. Flowers

Classics never go out of style! Sending birthday flowers across is one of the beautiful ways to articulate your best wishes for your friend or anyone else. A bunch of fresh and fragrant flowers will instantly brighten up the mood and day of the recipient. Men too love flowers! So, even for the birthday boy (your brother), it is an idyllic choice. Customise the bouquet with chocolates, teddy bears, and a personal message for the receiver.


2. Hard- Bound Journal

Many people love to keep a personal diary in which they write out their heart. It is often the doorway to their soul. In the list of trending birthday gifts for her and him 2020, a hard-bound journal is one of the choices for you. You can get the journal personalised with messages like this belongs to Mrs., followed by the name of your friend. Another way is to get the journal printed with famous quotes that best compliments the recipient’s persona.

Hard- Bound Journal with Personalised Messages

3. Delicious Cakes

When talking about birthdays, cakes are inevitable. Until now, you have surprised them with birthday cakes in their favourite flavours. This year, you have the chance to make them feel uber special. For their birthday, order a photo or a poster cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Photo Cakes

4. Beverage Tumbler

Drinking ice-tea or coffee will now be an Instagrammable experience for your friend, brother, and other receivers with personalised tumblers. These are insulated tumblers that are designed to keep the beverages cool or hot for a longer time. Stylish and handy, these are great for everyone. Customize it with the name of the recipient for a more personal touch.

 Personalised Beverage Tumbler

5. Socks and Tie

His wardrobe is full of socks and ties but lacks the pop of colour and fun. A set of personalised socks and tie in bold colours is one of trending birthday gifts for him that is bound to garner you appreciation and some laughs too. You can bespoke it with hearts, pictures of him, or some funky words.

Socks and Tie with Personalised Photo

6. World Map

To Travel is to Live! If this is the mantra that your friend and brother swear by, then a personalised world map is their birthday gift, this year. Personalise the map with the places they have ticked off their bucket list and the places they wish to explore. These maps vary in shapes, sizes, and experience. From scratch off to pin-up, this is one of the ways to encapsulate travel experience into a product.

Personalised World Map

7. Plants

Nature is everyone’s best friend. It is always good to have green beauties at home. They purify the air, decorate the abode, and nurture our lives with health and happiness. Owing to their benefits, they make for a thoughtful birthday gift choice. You can personalise the vase to make the gift more endearing for the person.

Plants with Personalised Vase

8. T-Shirt

Loose, comfy t-shirts in bold colours and creative prints is all one needs to slay the fashion game. Help your bestie and bro put their best foot forward by gifting them printed t-shirts. You can customize the tees as per their individualistic taste and preferences.

Personalised Tshirt

9. Jewellery

We live in age and time where anything can be personalised. Thanks to technological advancements. Engraved jewellery has been in demand for years, but things are stepping up a notch. Photo pendants, or rings with fingerprints are the new trends of 2020.

Personalised Jewellery

10. Bags

One can never get tired of handbags and bags. More is less seems to be the case with bags. Notch up the gifting game by giving personalised bags. You can customize any bag, say duffle bag, tote bag, hand-clutch either with name or photographs. Customization is also available in terms of size, structure, design, print, colour of the bags.

Customized bags

With this, we come to an end of trending personalised birthday gifts 2020. We’ll come back with more soon.