Unique Gifts for a Shopaholic Friend

“I love new clothes. If everyone could wear new clothes every day, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” - Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Well don’t know about others but we surely relate to this quote. In everyone’s life, there is someone who is in love with shopping. Their mood lifts with the speed of a shooting start when they hear the word “SHOPPING”. So, if you know someone who loves shopping more than anything, then we guess this blog is for you.

Unique Gifts for a Shopaholic Friend

We have brought you some of the useful shopaholic gifts that a shopaholic friend of yours would adore. These gifts are exclusively for the time when you have no idea about what to buy a friend who has everything. Let us explore-

1. Tote Bags

Though your friend might have some high-end trolley bags, suitcases, tote handbags, clutches, wallets, and whatnot. Presenting them with a pair of tote bags, that are designed cutely will deck up their collection. Also, your gift will help your friend, to hoard a little extra while street shopping.

Tote Bags

2. Sunglasses

“Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty”- well said and well observed. Adore your friendship with a pair of sunglasses, that are new in trend and would help your friend slay his/her looks. Make sure that the sunglasses are packed in a stylish box, to make them look more classy.


3. Jade Roller

Now that your friend is a shopping junkie, they might spend their time searching for the latest fashions, both online and offline. Help such friends with gifts for her or him that keep their skin healthy after hours of switching websites and street shops. Go for a face massaging roller, that will help them pamper their skin without visiting a salon.

Jade Roller

4. Accessories

Every shopaholic would have a huge range of accessories that are as per the trends. But there is surely something they miss, and that my friend, you can choose as a present for them. Go for a personalized pendant with both of your name initials, or maybe a bracelet with their zodiac constellation.


5. Perfumes

One can be a shopaholic like crazy, but one can never have enough perfumes for sure. And even if he/she has all the best-scented perfumes from all over the world, then you surely can help them with a travel size perfume set. As perfumes have been one of the hit gift ideas for women and men, for years now, your friend too would love it.


6. A Planner

Well, some people shop with their eyes closed, endlessly. While others like to keep a check on their spending, while shopping, help such a friend to maintain their finances, in a planner, present them with a personalized planner that has their name engraved on it.


7. A Shoe-organizer

You might have seen your bestie, stuffing her new shoes here and there in her room. The storage space that she has is already decked with double the actual capacity. So, what can be better than a shoe organizer, that is sleek and will take less space in her room.


8. Magazine Subscription

Till now, your friend has shopped things that she sees online but to keep her with the latest fashion trends, how about a yearly subscription of international fashion magazines? We bet this would be one of the unique gifts for her, especially if she is planning to get married soon.

Magazine Subscription

9. Champagne Glasses

It is said that the people who shop a lot, like to wine and dine in class. So, let your friend do the same in class. Present her/him with a set of ultra-stylish champagne glasses. The glasses could have their initials engraved on it, that will make the gift more appealing.

Champagne Glasses

10. Makeup

Now this one is exclusively for those who love to flaunt their makeup skills, be it a girl or a guy. Adding another bunch of eye-shadow pallet, lip colour, highlighter, etc. would not be an issue. A box full of high-end makeup products will make one of the perfect gift ideas for her.


11. Shopaholic Medal or Trophy

Well, this is a fun gift for anyone. Get your friend a medal that reads- “Shopping is my Cardio,” or a trophy that reads- “I Shop only on Days, that ends with Y,” etc. Such a personalized present for your friend would surely leave them all giggly.

Shopaholic Medal or Trophy

12. Book of Wrong Decisions

Well, though we all make wrong decisions now and then, but for a shopaholic, these decisions cost a lot. We are sure your friend would have shared some of the worst purchases she or he had made, so collect the picture of them all and arrange them in a scrapbook. Caption them well and give it to a friend to let them realize what went wrong, and where!

Book of Wrong Decisions

Grab all that you think your shopaholic friend would love and make their day special.