Nine Roles of A Woman

"Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood." - Oscar Wilde

And this is true. No matter how hard you try, it is not easy to understand a woman. Complex, yet the best creation of God.

Today's woman is leading a life which is catering to various domains starting from family to profession to social arenas and lot more. She performs multiple roles while being in a single body.

But in essence, what is the real role of woman here on earth? Is it to be a successful professional or a prominent leader of a country as we all insist on gender equality? Is it just to get married? Have children? Or just be the creation of God and be the motivating engine and facilitator of life here on Earth.

Just like a cat is said to have 9 lives, we will discuss 9 prominent roles, the woman of today leads her life into:

Womens Day Flowers A Daughter: When she is born, she brings a new meaning to her parent's life. Many aspirations and dreams make way when the daughter is born in a family. It is quite a popular belief that a daughter cares for her folks more than a son would do. And it is true to an extent. Women are more sensitive and considerate, especially when it comes to bonds and relationships.

A Sister: As a sister, a woman gives love and warmth to her brothers and sisters. It goes without saying that certain values and morals are not inherited or adapted, they are inborn traits those come as part and parcel of being a woman. To have a sister, who acts as a friend and a confidant too, is such a delight for any brother.

A Friend: It is a scientifically proven fact that a female's body is equipped with hormones that make her more sensitive and emotional, than a man. This is what makes a woman a better friend. The ability to relate and analyse a situation compassionately make it easier to resolve life, especially when it comes to friends.

A Wife: When a man brings home a bride, he is always expecting that he has got a partner for life who is going to make his life happy and joyful. Often, in doing so, many times her own dreams get sacrificed, but that goes without a complaint.

A Daughter In Law: With the married life, comes a new role. To be the daughter of a new set of parents. And she takes this one up with the equalled love and compassion. She goes a step ahead and accepts them as her own parents and showers devotion to them; takes care of them in old age and fulfils the voids in their lives.

A Mother: When she becomes a mother, she takes a new birth in the form of her own children. Because she starts seeing a new life right from the beginning. She becomes the mentor, the friend, the philosopher and the guide too.

A Professional: In today's times, when education is imperative and a career for a woman is no more a taboo, women are pronouncing their presence in the professional world with enhanced power and enthusiasm. Entrepreneurs, business women, CEOs and high profile professionals, we have a fleet of them around us.

A Mother In Law: Then comes a time when she weds off her prized possessions, her children, and becomes a mother in law, welcoming new additions to the family and promising them a home just like the one they bid farewell to.

A Grandmother: As she ages, she takes up a new role of becoming a grandparent to the newest of the family, her grandchildren. Moments spent huddled close to our grandma, listening to her stories, while eating the delicious goodies she prepares for us, stays etched in our minds forever.

We wish that all women can see that they change the world for the better when they really identify themselves and recognize their singular and special importance to the continuity of the human species. It is not the profession, not marriage, not motherhood, nor any other relationship, but the essence of being a woman, that facilitates the transition of humanity from one level to the other, makes the woman a special being.

So make sure you express your appreciation to her by sending Women’s Day flowers and watch her face light up with joy.