How To Make A Quick And Easy Birthday Cake For Father?

As compared to everything our fathers do for us every day, the least we can do is surprise them with something authentic and unexpected. Our fathers are quick to understand when we walk the extra mile and ask us what we need. Not on their birthdays, though. Those are the days when we have the liberty to spoil them with gestures and presents, and they cannot do anything about them. Today we are talking about making an easy birthday cake for our fathers right at home to surprise them with the unexpected. To get store-bought cakes is easy and not as overwhelming but when they see us go beyond our capabilities to make them happy is when they love us more and are proud to flaunt us in their friend circle. If you would also love some sort of that attention on your fathers birthday and would love to win over your siblings, it's time you make a birthday cake for father and woo him. The recipe written below is probably the easiest and will tell you how to bake a bun that is properly cooked and delicious. The addition of cream and flavour can be done separately, and we will mention one recipe for making whipped cream. Although by changing the flavour of the cream, you can make any for a birthday cake. Hence the game is all about the bun, and we are ready to help you make the best one.

How To Make A Quick And Easy Birthday Cake For Father

INGREDIENTS for 6 Servings

1.All-purpose flour- 3 cups

2.Powdered sugar- 1-1/2 cups

3.Eggs- 4 cups

4.Butter- 1 cup

5.Baking soda- 2 tablespoon

6.Milk- 1 cup

7.Vanilla essence- 2 teaspoon

After you have collected all these ingredients for a birthday cake for father, you now need the procedure to follow to bring the cake to life. Here is the instruction manual.

1.Cream the butter and sugar together along with beaten eggs and blend them all to make a complete mixture with everything mixed together rightly.

2.Now combine the beaten eggs and the flour mix for better consistency

3.Not much later, it's now time to bake the cake in your cooker or oven with the right flame or temperature.

4.After 20-30 minutes, check the cake by inserting a knife or skewer in the centre. If the knife comes out clean, you are ready with your cake.

5.Cool it by keeping it on a stand and let it settle. After which, it will be time to spread the cream and freeze the cake for later.

Ingredients for whipped cream

1.Whipping cream or heavy cream- 1-¼ cups

2.Powdered sugar- ½ cups

3.Vanilla extract- ¾ tablespoon

The procedure you need to follow next is pretty easy. Blend all the ingredients to make a mixture with the perfect consistency and spread it all over the cake by making two or three divisions of the cake. Remember to cool the cake and not consume it right after. There you have your perfect birthday cake for father already.