Rejoicing Moments of a Father-Daughter Relationship!

Long before a daughter finds her prince, it is her dad who remains her kind, prince, and her knight. It is him who safeguards her, protects her, and gives her everything she points at. The father-daughter relationship, unlike others, begins from the first baby steps to sleeping in his arms straight to the day when he bids his goodbye as a bride. Her first love, fathers are the ones that do everything possible in order to give her days full of love, happiness, and rejoicing moments.

However, with the special day around the corner, all the daughters out there can make him feel blessed with unique Father’s Day gifts and pay a tribute to the Dedicated And Devoted person in our lives i.e. DAD, who made sure we are out of our worries even before they hit us. These images from warmly tucked corners of the heart will make you stroll in the memory lane:

1. My first ever consoling sleep, on his warm chest, said that life is going to be beautiful, forever and the rest.

Daughter sleeping on warm chest of her father

2. He held my hand strongly, as I took my first step. One was done, two was done, we did so many reps!

Father helping her cute daughter in taking her first step

3. I touched the golden skies with my eyes full of charms. I landed with all my trust, right in his arms.

Daughter touching heights of sky with her father

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4. He guided me on to my favourite toy wheels, as he skilled me with love, on how life actually reels.

Father helping her daughter in learning how to ride toy wheel

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5. He became my eyes for me, as I painted dreams of success. He pushed me forward every moment, to work on my prowess!

Daughter seeing through her fathers eye all the dreams of success

6. When sun shone a little less, when days were not too bright, he hugged me to ease and made it all right.

Father hugging her daughter when she is little upset

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7. It wasn't really easy, to let the daughter off his side, but his teary eyes smiled, as he blessed me as a bride!

Father letting her daughter off his side with a kiss on her forehead

8. Now that he is old, age has seen its length, he is still my super hero, he is still my greatest strength.

Daughters gifting her old aged father some flower and gifts to appreciate him