September Birth Month Flowers

Every month has a particular flower, which is normally known as the birth month flower of the individuals born in that specific month. Each birth month flower has unique characteristics and meaning, which are known to be acquired by the individuals born in that particular month. The individuals born in September are considered incredibly polite, have faith in making the best and right decision, and acknowledge beauty. They are masterminds and have the ability to please their accomplices quite well. If looking for flower arrangement ideas, then surely gifting them a bunch or bouquet of September birth flower - Aster is a great choice to go with!

The Aster is the September born flower. A part of the daisy family, it is a composite blossom, which implies that it is made of a central core of small flowerheads encompassed by long petals. The Aster is a wildflower with in excess of 600 species, with hues ranging from red to white and orange. Nonetheless, the Aster is known best for its striking bluish-purple colour. This September flower is additionally one of the most colourful blossoms of fall.

September Birth Flower

As per the ancient Greeks, the Aster flower originated when the Greek God, Astraea, was disheartened by seeing a limited number of stars in the sky. One night, she was so sad that she started to cry. As her tears spilt down her face and hit the ground, they transformed into wonderful star-shaped Aster blossoms. In Greek, aster means ‘star’.

Aster Meanings and Symbolisms

  • As the September birth month flower, Asters are known to symbolise faith, valour, and wisdom. Also, the different colours of the flower carry different meanings.
  • Purple Asters symbolize wisdom and eminence. In European civilizations, individuals from the royal family wore purple to signify their honorability.
  • White Asters symbolize innocence, purity, and also new beginnings.
  • Pink Asters symbolize kindness, love, femininity, and romance.
  • Red Asters symbolize undying devotion of love and are used to express love.
  • Blue Asters symbolize depth, faith, stability, and calmness.
  • Yellow Asters symbolize positivity and optimism..
Aster Meanings and Symbolisms

Interesting Facts about Asters

  • The thick Aster species have seeds that are of similar shape as a parachute and carried away by the breeze.
  • The old Greeks burnt Aster leaves to avert evil spirits and snakes.
  • If you try and put Aster blossoms in wine, it will taste like nectar.
  • Asters are drought resistant September birth month flowers that make them extraordinary for desert landscaping.
  • In the old-time, Greeks utilized Aster blossoms to recuperate wounds and dog bites.
  • In earlier times, it was used to believe that magical fairies used to rest under the petals of Aster blossom at dusk.
  • In France, the Aster was known as the eye of Christ. The Aster blossoms were laid on the graves of dead fighters that symbolize that they were killed in the battle..
Purple Asters

Famous Birthdays in September

Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay (September 15) - Bengali Novelist and Short Story Writer.

Narendra Modi (September 17) - Prime Minister of India

Kareena Kapoor (September 21) - Bollywood Actress

Dev Anand (September 26) - Hindi Film Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director

Lata Mangeshkar (September 28) - Music Director and Playback Singer

Famous Birthdays in September

That’s all about the great month of September and the flower for September born. If any of your dear one’s birthday is coming up in this month, then give them a floral arrangement of Asters and bring a smile on their face with these amazing flowers and facts of the flower!