Birthday Wishes and Quotes: #Givelittlelove To Birthday Peeps

The COVID-19 is a party pooper. People love to celebrate their birthdays with party poppers, friends, fun, and games. But, social distancing won’t let them. No hugs, No kisses, No exchange of gifts; only bday wishes, only Whatsapp birthday wishes, Instagram stories, and birthday quotes as status.

Amidst the coronavirus terror and locked down situation, #givelittlelove to the folks who have their birthdays in the upcoming days of march, and months of April, May, and throughout the year by either sending them a happy birthday message on Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or make a greeting card, write a birthday quote and give it as a birthday gift. Keeping the mood in mind, you can write down some corona birthday wishes funny as well. Take inspiration from below!

Birthday Wishes and Quotes

1. Because you are my Jigar ka Tukda, I risked my life for you, You dare not Forget That!

Happy Birthday my Jigar ke Tukde

2. A birthday without a cake is just a meeting. Sending your way lots of calories!

Happy Birthday Eat Lots of Cake

3.Disconnect so we can Reconnect on your Birthday next year! Happy Birthday, Lots of Love, Kisses, and Hugs ( )

Happy Birthday Lots of Hugs and Kisses

4. Happy Birthday, Brother! Though I hate you, I will still share my last bottle of sanitizer with you (Take it as your birthday gift!).

Happy Birthday Brother

5. Though we can’t be together today, I will be with you forever. No pathogens can do us apart. Happy Birthday, Love!!

I will be there for you - Happy Birthday

6. Relax… COVID-19 doesn’t mean I won’t even wish my best friend Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Wishes from Me to You

7. Happy Birthday to the one and only I love teasing-- Meri Pyari Bhena!!

Happy Birthday Sister

8. Happy Birthday, Enjoy this one to the fullest. Kyunki Kal Ho Na Ho, Kyunki you know, coronavirus.

Enjoy your Day to the Fullest

9. Corona Se Darona, Birthday Manana Mat Chodo Na. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

Coronase Darona

10. Happy Birthday!! I know I wish you in the most special manner every year. Pleasure is all mine.

Most Special Birthday Wish for you - Happy Birthday