Top Mobile Applications That Are Keeping Us Sane

If one understands the need for having better communication, then one also might get the importance of using mobile phones and other such gizmos in the 21st century. And, if one gets the importance of mobile phones, then one would also understand the importance of some mobile applications. The importance of mobile phone and mobile apps is undeniably unending when it comes to our everyday life and its activities. Earlier, considered as a luxury commodity, now mobile phones have made it to every one’s necessities list.

And, what is even a mobile phone without some cool, innovative, informative or communicative mobile applications right? From making it possible for one to take the daily life update of their loved ones' lives, sitting at home to teaching one a new recipe, mobile applications have grown so vast and wild, meeting the needs of every individual.

And looking at the present scenario, app developers all around the world decided to #givealittlelove in the form of introducing us to some new apps. Such mobile applications which can seek your answers to the question - “What’s cooking, good-looking?” to never miss out on anything gossiplicious! So, here are a few best applications for android and IOS users which might come handy during this social distancing period. Stay Indoors, Chill Indoors!

1. Houseparty

One of the best ways to enjoy your self- isolation period is over a video chatting app. Call one, call all of your closest friends to have a virtual gathering amidst this global crisis to make-believe “distance doesn’t matter when he person means so much”. The best part about this application is that it can help you chat with up to 8 people face-to-face and without even spending a single penny. I mean, how cool is that? So, download the Houseparty app right away and call for a party with your friends (virtually).



While the healthcare officials are fighting the coronavirus, out there, you can avoid going outside and fight the demons of the battlegrounds over this gaming application. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale game which was introduced by a Korean gaming company. Quite similar to the concept of “The Hunger Games”, this game has quite gained its popular fan base, over time. It’s one hell of a game as it is quite gripping and realistic, among other gaming types.


3. WhatsApp

As there might be some of your friends and family, who are seeking education abroad, this application in specific helps to bring them closer to you, in such times of crisis. WhatsApp helps us to connect with our bunch of beloved people over messaging, sending audio and with some of its video calling functions. For all the Android devices, Apple devices, and Windows PCs, it’s made available for free over their respective Play/App Store. The best part about this application is that unlike many other apps, this application has got a broader reach of reaching your messages up to 256 people at the same time. So, no more FOMO and only staying connected as long as one wants.


4. Snapchat

If you are a social butterfly and loves into make memories by documenting it into selfies, then this is the app for you! Snapchat lets one take creative selfies, now and then with its funny, beautification filters. Because life seems much more appealing when we take selfies with filters, from other effective features like video calling and sending text messages, Snapchat is every diva or celebs favourite app.


5. NetFlix

Quarantine Motto - Namaste in bed with Netflix. Sounds like a plan indeed, isn’t it? As the world has taken up the motto of social distancing to curb his deadly virus outbreak, make sure you keep posted with all the shows, web series and movies. All you need to have a Netflix account and you can start chilling by catching up on every item of your bucket-list.


6. TikTok

If you have been scrolling through the social media, lately, you might have found out what all the celebrities are up to, these days. TikTok is something which is surely helping the nations to beat the quarantine blues. Over this app, you can create short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos and get popular by flaunting your acting skills to the world.


7. AirTime

Would n’t it be nice if you get a chance to watch some of the YouTube videos, Soundcloud songs, TV shows and movies, and even memes along with your friends amidst this self-isolation period? Well, over the AirTime app, you can do so! It is a social platform where you and your friends can watch videos together and simultaneously take their reviews while chatting.


8. Zoom

From being able to engage up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers can be in a single session; Zoom is one of the best video conferencing applications till date. So, even being indoors, you can host a kitty party or game night by calling all those people, who matter to you, virtually(without even caring of having a longer guest list). It’s mostly free for the first 40 minutes; further, the prices range up to $19.99 per month, depending upon your usage of the application.


9. Google Hangouts

One of the simplest applications is this one for sure - Google Hangouts. All one has to do to use this app is to have an email address over Google. You can then download the application from the Google Play store and start chit-chatting with your folks, by exchanging video and voice chats. It has got a wide range of group connectivity as chats can be exchanged across 150 people to take the life updates and engage a social-virtual gathering.

Google Hangouts

10. Youtube

If you are a music lover, then this is the application for you. From viewing the latest movie trailer, teaser, music video, albums and streaming some movies, as well, this is a dreamland for all the virtual buddies, out there. You can even end up earning some fame during these social distancing days, by coming up with something like your channel. It could be makeup, lifestyle, dance, workout, motivational, or just to share your views on something to the world. As everyone is a social media busy bee, so you might not know people start recognising you as a public figure for your exceptional views and skills flaunted over this application.


So, these were a few mobile/ device applications which might help you keep sane amidst the monotonous quarantine period. This is the time to make the most of yourself. So, make sure to flaunt your unseen side to the world and at the same time, stay connected with your loved ones over these applications.