Teacher’s Day Celebration Ideas For Students

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

5th September, every year is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, the birthday of former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a well-known scholar, teacher, and promoter of education. Teacher’s Day is marked across India to honour the beacons of wisdom, the figures of inspiration, and the noble souls that awaken the mind and heart, the teachers.

Funny Bday Cake

On this very day, teacher’s day celebrations in school are organized by the students for their beloved teachers as a means to Thank them for their contributions in shaping their lives. Students give flowers and cards to their teachers, and also put up various performances, such as dance-shows, enactment plays, etc. The day is celebrated with fervour and vigour.

Every year, students search for creative and fun ideas to plan a teacher's day party. So, we thought we would share some ideas with the young folks well-suited for current times.

1. Grace Them With Gifts

Occasions like Teacher’s Day tend to remain incomplete without tokens. Giving thoughtful gifts to teachers is one of the best ways to appreciate them for all valuable lessons and support. Because a teacher awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge, reciprocating it, in the same manner, seems to be the viable option—handcraft gifts for teacher’s day with love. You can make a vase for them to keep the flowers received on this day, a pen stand and chalk holder, bookmarks, dream catchers, greeting cards. Whatever you wish to give, make sure it is handmade just for them. Because of the present times, deliver the tokens at their homes.

Grace Them With Gifts

2. Organize Fun Games

Teacher’s Day is their day, so let them have some fun. Organize funny games for teacher's day party. Plan a meet with them and play these games, keeping social distancing in mind. You can organize the male vs female game where the males have to fold a saree in 30 seconds, and the females have to knot a tie in 30 seconds. Another engaging game is to ask them to pick a chit and they have to perform the activity written on the chit. You can write activities like sing a song, dance, imitate another teacher, etc. Other game choices include memory test, longest pencil flake (sharpening pencil without breaking the flake), hit the target, equation tambola game ( Tambola ticket that has equations).

Organize Fun Games

3. A Surprise Visit

You may have graduated from the school, but your heart will never graduate. Till today, you miss everything about the school, especially the teachers. During 14 years of schooling, teachers become friends and family. So, a surprise visit to your teacher is one way to make their Teacher’s Day a happy one. When you go, take Happy Teacher’s Day cake, a box of homemade goodies, gifts, etc.

A Surprise Visit

4. Do A Video-Call

For the present times, there is no better way to celebrate teacher’s day than the video call. Schedule a video-call with your teachers. You can also invite some of your close friends to video call. Have a student-teacher chat. You and your teachers will surely feel good to connect and relive all those fond school memories. In addition to this, you can send a teacher's day cake online as a token of sweet remembrance.

Do A Video-Call

5. Pour The Heart Out

Another Teacher’s Day celebration idea befitting the current scenario. If you are connected with your teacher or teacher’s on social media, post a few lines in their honour, tag them, and post it on the social platform. You can also dedicate a poem if you have a fondness for literature. Even posting some of the old-pictures with them on social media with a heartfelt caption would make them feel appreciated and revered.

Social Media Status: Pour The Heart Out

While these are some of the teacher’s celebration ideas for students to mark the day in a special manner. But, not only this day, be thankful to them for their service and keep them in your hearts forever!

6. Arrange a play

Create a caricature play and perform for your teachers. Exaggerate the various nuances they have, create a plot that is both funny and adorable. Get the entire play crew dress up like the teachers and enact their catchphrases. You can also create a theme like ‘a day in school’ where you showcase the normal proceedings of the day. The other thing that can add some humor to your teacher’s day celebrations is the inclusion of a comedy sketch.

Arrange a Play

6. Arrange a cookout or picnic

Celebrate this important day with your teachers and friends by arranging a bonfire cookout or even a picnic. You can start planning it as soon as you have set a budget and figured out a location. For the picnic, you can either plan to cook after reaching the site or pre pack ready made meals. Plan some other activities to add some colour to your celebrations


8. Stage performances

Just like a comedy sketch, students can plan a range of stage performances such as a dedicated dance number, live band, ventriloquism, etc. These kinds of performances add a spur of interaction and happiness in the hearts of your teachers. It will be a coming of together experience that enhances the overall fun!

Stage Performance