Top 10 Beautiful Bouquet for Rose Day Celebration in India

Roses are internationally accepted tokens of love. No matter what kind of relationship you share with your loved ones, you can always give them a fresh bouquet of roses and make their day. Platonic or non platonic, it doesn't matter. The only thing that comes into play is the feelings of affection. However, roses are most commonly exchanged between romantic partners which is only understandable provided the intense expression of passion that a rose stands for. Roses have been given a special celebration of their own and it is called rose day. It takes place on the 9th of February during the loving week of Valentine's. Along with Valentine flowers and Valentine day gift, couples also get roses for their beloved and make their rose day special. As they wish each other a happy rose day, they share roses. On that note, we have mentioned below the top ten most beautiful bouquets for rose day.

Top 10 Beautiful Bouquet for Rose Day Celebration in India

Go Classic With A Single Red Rose

Almost no one can resist the beauty and love that a single red rose carries.

Single Red Rose Bouquet

Too Many Roses Never Hurt Anyone

Go big with a bunch of fresh and fragrant roses.

Many Roses Bouquet

Roses With Chocolates Never Hurt Anyone

Add some yummy chocolates along with those pretty roses and be the sweetest partner ever.

Roses With Chocolates Bouquet

Pastel Roses Are Also An Option

Red roses are not your only option. You can also go with some pretty pastel roses.

Pastel Roses Bouquet

Fairy Dust Rose Bouquet

A nice rose bouquet sprinkled with some pretty glitters is sure to impress your partner on a deeper level.

Fairy Dust Rose Bouquet

Make It Yourself For Your Beloved

To give a personal touch to your Rose Day gifts & bouquet, it would only make sense if you gave your partner a bouquet that you plucked yourself, preferably from your own garden.

Bouquet of Flowers

Give Your Beloved a Goodie Bouquet

In case you want to walk the extra mile for your beloved, this Rose day, you can give your beloved a bouquet made of their favorite goodies.

Goodie Bouquet

Get Environment Friendly With A Flower Plant

If you and your partner are all about saving the planet and being friends with the environment, then you can get them a nice flower plant as well.

Flower Plant Bouquet

Mix n Match Bouquet

Just because it is Rose day, it doesn't mean you have to stick to roses only. Your beloved might not be very much into roses and some people have an allergy to roses as well. In this situation, you can go for a mix n match bouquet.

Mix n Match Bouquet

Chocolates Only Bouquet

If they are neither big on flowers or plants, then you have the delicious option of giving them a chocolates only bouquet. They are very easily available online and in markets as well.

Chocolates Bouquet