Top 10 Good, Inexpensive gifts for co-workers

Every now and then, most of us find ourselves in a situation to present a gift to our co-workers. But the fact is we don’t want to spend more and still want to be good with the gift. So, what’s the solution? Well, people do look for cheap corporate gifts but end up buying the same old stuff.

Corporate Gifts

The art of gifting doesn’t only depend on money but some deep, thoughtful thinking too. While looking for Inexpensive corporate gifts, one should also keep in mind that the gift must be a bit different and something that makes the receiver feel good.

Below are the affordable gifts that you can go with:

1. Caricature

Choose one that gives a feel of professionalism! A caricature is something that the receiver can put on his work-desk. Can be gifted on co-worker’s birthday or the promotion.


2. Cupcakes

What could be a better gift than treating your co-worker’s tummy with a sweet dish? Cupcakes are affordable and filled with the goodness of baked bread and whipped cream.


3. Indoor Plant

Gift your co-worker an indoor plant potted in a beautiful designer vase. It is inexpensive, good, and brings calmness to the receiver. Indoor plants also make the best affordable gifts for clients.

Indoor Plant

4. Relaxing Eye Mask

Working on laptop and computer screens throughout the day on a routine basis make harmful effects on our eyes. Gift a relaxing eye mask and show your concern.

Relaxing Eye Mask

5. A Tie

While searching for inexpensive business gifts online, you may skip the corporate dressing essential - A Tie. Gift it your co-worker and help him/her complete the corporate look.

A Tie

6. Pen Stand

The work desk should always be clean and organized. And that’s why gifting a pen stand to your co-worker is a good idea. Choose the one that matches the desk colour.

Pen Stand

7. Chess

Get your colleague a set of a Chess game. It’s good as it will improve thinking and focusing power. The receiver can play it at home or the office at lunchtime with you.


8. Face Mask

Face Mask is the need-of-hour! With this gift, you will not only be protecting your co-worker from COVID-19 but also from the increasing pollution level.

Face Mask

9. Blue Ray Protected Glasses

Yes, we have listed one for the eyes above but gifting blue-ray protected glasses will eliminate the harmful effects that light from screens do to our eyes.

Blue Ray Protected Glasses

10. Smiley Ball

Working hours can be really stressful, and that’s why gifting the smiley ball makes a good, inexpensive gift idea for your co-worker. You can gift a set of smiley balls too!

Smiley Ball

We hope that above-mentioned affordable corporate gifts will help you to make your co-worker feel good!