Top 6 Reward Recognition Gift Ideas for Corporate Family

Boosting the productivity of the employees has been a priority. Every organisation wants its people to work in an outstanding manner to produce more excellent outputs and excel in their respective fields. In the corporate world, giving gifts to employees boosts their productivity. It is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees and encourage them to excel in their work. Corporate gifts are typically high-value things employers freely provide to their subordinates as a sign of appreciation or goodwill.

Top 6 Reward Recognition Gift Ideas for Corporate Family

Even in a struggling economy, praise and recognition are essential drivers of revenue growth. Productivity has consistently been shown to rise when workers and management receive praise and glory for their efforts. Employee morale and self-worth are improved when production increases.

An excellent technique to increase customer loyalty to the firm is by giving away corporate presents. A thoughtfully chosen business gift conveys a professional image for the organisation and creates a favourable and enduring impression of the firm. These presents are also the perfect approach to thank your loyal clients, partners, employees, and customers.

Before moving on to the business gifts ideas, let us have a look at some rules of Dos and Don’ts of reward recognition corporate gifts.

Dos and Don’ts of corporate gifts.

  • Do Not Promote

Corporate gift-giving is mainly done to show appreciation for your staff. Avoid turning it into an advertisement. You're investing time and money and planning a unique corporate gift, so it only makes sense that you'd want to brand it with your name and logo. Even if a modest brand emblem tucked away in full view might not be detrimental, it would be preferable if you avoid using your corporate gift as a promotional item.

  • Do Personalise Your Gift

A personalised gift makes a powerful impression on the recipient and says much about the giver. It establishes a connection and honours an employer's relationship with his or her employee. However, customisation does not require extra effort to learn about employees’ preferences. It won't hurt to add a little personalisation. A thank-you message is written by hand, or the recipient's name is engraved on the present.

  • Do Not Bargain with the Gift’s Quality

Establishing a budget is the first step in preparing corporate presents. Only provide what is best and within your means. While working within a tight budget is still acceptable, sacrificing quality is not. Your company's reputation is directly impacted by the gift you are offering to your employees. Be judicious with your money and avoid being cheap.

Reward Recognition Gifts Ideas

There are many options available for corporate gifts, making it difficult always to choose the best one. An excellent corporate present should have a unique quality. Below are some of the reward recognition ideas.

  • Trophies and Mementoes

A personalsied memento goes a long way and is considered one of the best corporate gifts for employee recognition. The awards or trophies can be custom-made with the recipients' names, the occasion, and the award's name engraved. You may be sentimental and engrave a special inscription or a moving quotation on the presents. These days, Acrylic LED mementoes are in trend.

  • Sweetness Filled Delicacies

Sweet treat hampers make great corporate gifts. They are not only perfect for employee recognition but also good for festival gifts. You can make various design combos of dry cakes, chocolates, cookies, muffins, gourmet food and much more. Different hampers available can also be customised with the gift recipient’s name and designation.

  • Office Essentials

One great way to recognise employees' work and dedication are to give them office essentials. People spend a great deal of time in the office, which is why giving office essentials is a perfect reward recognition gift idea. The kit can include a personalised name engraved pen, a quirky diary, some printed stickers, sticky notes, etc. You can also give them laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks, card holders etc., to encourage them even more.

  • Indoor Plants

Giving indoor plants is a great way to encourage employees, boost their productivity, and recognise their work and achievement. Choose any plant as a reward recognition gift from the options, such as Syngoniums, Sansevieria, Pothos, Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Jade, Bonsai, etc. employees can use these plants as desk decor or home decor. Indoor plants are natural air purifiers that enhance productivity while bringing good luck and positive vibes.

  • Personalised Gifts

You can always reward your employees with personalised gifts to boost their productivity at work. Personalised gifts, such as cufflinks, coffee mugs, printed bottles, desk clocks, pen stands, picture frames and much more, can be included in your gift hamper for your employees to recognise and appreciate their hard work and commendable job.

  • Gift Card or Voucher

Gift cards make excellent corporate presents throughout the year. They not only provide your staff flexibility but can also use it to purchase items they would use. It is a relatively secure corporate gifting option, despite lacking the personalised touch. Gift cards or vouchers are one of the safest business gifts ideas any organisation can use and give to its employees at any time.

It's challenging to lead a group of employees and yto keep the employees motivated throughout becomes more difficult. Value for the company is strengthened when an employee's hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. Pick any of the above mentioned reward recognition gift ideas and encourage your employees to excel in their respective fields.