Try Out These Yummy Scrummy Kids Birthday Cake

Your Lil one has brought so much joy into your life. So, make sure to send tons of kisses and hugs in the form of celebrating his/her birthday in the best possible manner. Pass your love to your bundle of joy over lovely toys, chocolates, and throwing the best birthday party in his/her name. There would be absolutely no child in this whole wide world, who would not like to celebrate his/her birthday over some delightful birthday cake. And what's a birthday without a kids cake even? Nothing! Right?

Kids Birthday Cake

So, when it calls for throwing the best birthday party, you surely need to have the best kids birthday cakes option. Why kids cakes? Simply, because any other kind of cake would not be so relatable for them at this age. Also, quite often, these appealing kids birthday cakes become the centre of attention of every guest at the party, not just leaving your child but also each of your guests' craving for more. So, you can either choose some cake design for kids to bake a birthday cake for them with your love or can even look for some merrymaking birthday cake online to please your little bug. Here are a few birthday cake ideas to treat your Lil munchkin with, on his/her birthday. Make sure to take leads!

1. Rainbow Layer Birthday Cake

As they have deep-dived into the land of fairytales and other fantasies, you would not like to burst their bubble of imagination. But, instead, appreciate their fantastic skill of creative thinking or fantasizing. So, pass a bright coloured creamy layer cake to catch the attention of your Lil one and leave him/her in awe of this cake’s unmatched taste and appeal.

Rainbow Cake

2. Cartoon Birthday Cake

If he is a boy, then a BEN 10, Chota Bheem or any other Superhero, baked in a cake would do to please him. But if your Lil one is a “she”, then you can get her a Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon or Princess Anna cake. As cartoon is something, both he/she are hooked up with, and when they will see their favourite characters over a cake, this birthday cake will remain forever close to their heart.

Cartoon Birthday Cake

3. Chocolate Birthday Cake

Pass your love in the form of a delectable chocolate birthday cake to your junior on his/her upcoming birthday. Chocolate is undoubtedly the most celebrated cake flavour and people of all age groups like to celebrate their special days over a scrumptious chocolate birthday cakes. Surprisingly, this is one such cake which requires no additional topping but still leaves everyone in the crowd mesmerized with its “oh-so-yummy” taste and appeal.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

4. Number Birthday Cake

One might have quite figured out the newest trend of number birthday cakes on social media platforms, lately. Celebrating a birthday over a number cake shows that the birthday girl/boy is indeed lucky to be treated over something exquisite as this type of cake. From precise detailing to yummy creamy layers of toppings, number birthday cakes are loaded with every kind of edible goodness, one can think of. It is indeed an edible paradise!

Number Birthday Cake

5. Kitkat/ Gems Birthday Cake

Bringing the best of two worlds together, i.e., chocolate and cake, your Lil one is surely secretly wishing to get pampered over this birthday cake. Looks good but tastes even better, something like a Kitkat or Gems loaded cake is perfect for commemorating special occasions like your baby’s birthday. Once his/her childhood phase is over, he/she will be left reminiscing about this birthday cake of theirs.

Kitkat/ Gems Birthday Cake

6. Unicorn Birthday Cake

If we talk about kids birthday cake, then how can we even miss talking about the most popular unicorn cake. This birthday, make-believe him/her that unicorns are real by showering all your love over gifting a unicorn birthday cake. Made out of frosting, sparkly sprinkles, or any other decadent touches, a unicorn cake is absolutely an instant heart winner.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

7. Oreo Birthday Cake

A moist cake layered with buttercream frosting which includes Oreo cookie crumbs is not just every American’s favorite but also tempts people of all the nations. Well, some would compare the cake’s taste to be regular, somewhat matching to the classic vanilla cake. But, for some others, oreo cakes have got not just creamy but also the crispy, crunchy element of the cookies, which makes every kid gorge on it lovingly.

Oreo Birthday Cake

8. Ice Cream Birthday Cake

If your Little one’s birthday falls during summer months, then this is the birthday cake you need to surprise him/her over. There seems no better birthday planning than letting your bundle of joy eat a cake as well as ice cream (both at the same time). Much wow! Isn’t it? So, if you feel like baking in the middle of summer, somewhere around your kid’s birthday, you can absolutely look for some over-the-top indulgent ice cream birthday cake recipes.

Ice Cream Birthday Cake

9. Fondant Birthday Cake

Such types of cakes will first make the heart of your Little one melt with its unmatched bewitching appeal and then with its toothsome taste. From girly themes like Fairy Tales or Princess theme to some popular boyish themes, fondant cakes are an edible masterpiece to celebrate your cutie’s birthday over.

Fondant Birthday Cake

So, these were some of the popular kids birthday cakes that your Lil one asked from Alladin’s Genie. We are just letting you know to take cues from it and start planning with all the birthday party proceedings. But, firstly figure out a dreamy birthday cake to bring a sweet smile to your little one’s face.