Try Your Hands At The Most Delicious Chocolate Pinata Cake Recipe

Cakes are our comfort food. It brings us joy whenever we eat cake. Also, cakes are symbolic of celebrations. This is why we make them a part of our special occasions. From birthdays to anniversaries, we don't feel like the party is complete without a delicious cake. It goes without saying that chocolate cakes are the most popular. However, with all the new varieties of cakes coming to the market, we have countless options to choose from. The popularity of pinata cake online speaks for itself. Wouldn't it be cool to try our luck at attempting a chocolate pinata cake at home? If your answer is yes, let's go through the recipe together.

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Difficulty level

As complex, as it might appeal to you, making a pinata cake is not really all that hard. You just need to understand the components of a pinata cake. Usually, it is a soft cake within a hard shell that is also edible. However, you can also use candies, dry fruits, nuts, or fresh fruits instead of soft cake. We leave that choice up to you and will only be focusing on making the pinata of the cake. So, it can be said that the difficulty level of chocolate pinata cake is easy even for beginners.

Ingredients needed

If you are a true dessert lover, you barely need to buy any new ingredients from the market to make the chocolate pinata cake. You must already have these ingredients in your kitchen. They are listed below.

1. Chocolate compound

2. Silicone Mold

The recipe

To start with the pinata, you need to melt your chocolate compound. Don't heat it directly in the microwave or on the gas top. Use the double boiler method instead. To make your own double boiler, you boil some water in a pan and then place a slightly bigger pan over it. Next, put the chocolate compound on the bigger pan and watch it melt completely. There should be no lumps. Once the chocolate has melted, it should have a smooth consistency.

Now take your mold and start covering the insides of it in the melted chocolate. Give it swirls to make sure that the chocolate is everywhere it needs to be. Make sure that there is a generous layer of melted chocolate in the mold. Now you are required to refrigerate it for ten minutes till it is hard. It is time to do the second coating. Ensure that the chocolate is in every corner of the mold. Refrigerate it for ten more minutes till it is solid.

Serving tips

Your pinata is ready. Now all you need to do is stack some candies, fruits, nuts, or even a little cake on a plate and place the mold over it. Gently pull the mold up, and voila! Your chocolate pinata cake is ready to be smashed and eaten.

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