Upgrade Your Life & Downgrade Stress with Lucky Bamboo

Who doesn't like being surrounded by the serene beauty of nature? The calmness that encircles one when they are in the presence of beautiful plants is a divine feeling that can never be explained but only felt. Mother nature has gifted us a range of beautiful greens that are loaded with amazing benefits. One of those blessings is the ancient plant Bamboo. Bamboo is often referred to as Lucky Bamboo, which is self-explanatory. There are many stories related to the origin and importance of the bamboo plant and why it is believed to bring luck throughout the world. However, except blessing the one looking after them, Lucky Bamboo have a list of benefits that will make to want to get this alluring plant right away.

Another interesting fact about these little friends is that they are very easy to look after. So, let's count down all the awesome benefits of this lovely little guy and bid your stress goodbye!

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An Excellent Air Purifier

Not a lot of people know this, but Bamboos are great air-purifying plants. NASA did an actual study on indoor plants and how they purify air to use them in outer space. Lucky Bamboo is one of those plants; hence it is a must to have in your home. These plants remove toxins from the air and make it more breathable. Also, Bamboo increases the oxygen levels in the air, creating a balance inside your home as compared to outside air that is corrupted by pollution.

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Very Easy To Grow Indoors

Another benefit of this awesome plant is that it is very easy to find and grow. You can easily buy a Bamboo plant online and keep it where there is plenty of filtered, indirect light. The plant is one of those few greens that can grow in both soil and water. If you grow it in soil, remember to not over-water it as the dampness of the soil can cause it to rot. And if you wanna grow your Bamboo in water, just remember to change it every now and then. That's it! That is all you need to do to take care of these cute little plants.

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Comes in Various Sizes

Everyone's plant needs are different, and not everyone has a lot of space to put plants. That is why Lucky Bamboos are perfect for everyone. These plants come in various sizes, so you can take your pick according to your own home. Also, because of their natural appearance, quite literally, they can blend in with the interior quite easily.

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Bring Lots of Luck

As the name suggests, Lucky Bamboo is famously known for bringing luck to your home. According to Feng Shui, these plants have the kind of energy that attracts luck into your home. In fact, it is said that you can change the kind of lucky energy you attract depending on the layers of the Bamboo. Two-layered Bamboo attracts luck in love, while three-layered Bamboos attract health and wealth.

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Decorating our home is something we all love, and when that decor can bring you peace and love, you must make it a part of your adobe. Welcome little Bamboo plants to your home and relish in the presence of nature.