Vital Information About Bonsai Plants

Bonsai- A plant of aesthetic miniaturisation of trees in a small container, is adored by everyone, almost. This world-famous Japanese art is used to lead the path of these green beauty’s growth. Considering Bonsai as a dwarf tree would be a mistake as it is a full-sized flowering plant. And the growing perennials of these was known as Flowering Bonsais. And do you know, there is a variety of Bonsai plants, have a look at them and know more about Bonsai plants.

All About Bonsai Plants

1. Broom Style Bonsai (Hokidachi)

This type of Bonsai falls in the deciduous tree category. The branches and leaves of this Bonsai form a ball-shaped crown-like top. And this is something very appealing to the sight during winters.

Broom Style Bonsai or Hokidachi

2. Formal Upright Bonsai Style (Chokkan)

One of the very common styles of Bonsai is this one. When the tree is exposed to lots of light and does not face the problem of competing trees this style is created.

Formal Upright Bonsai Style or Chokkan

3. Cascade Bonsai Style (Kengai)

Any tree living in nature on a perpendicular mountain can bend earthward as a result of several factors, like snow or falling rocks. Such factors make the tree grow downwards/ earthwards. Such a tree should grow upright for a small distance but then should bend downward.

Cascade Bonsai Style or Kengai

4. Semi Cascade Bonsai Style (Han-kengai)

Just like the cascade style this style is found in nature on mountains and on the river and lakes bank. For a small distance, the trunk grows upright and then bends downwards/sidewards.

 Semi Cascade Bonsai Style or Han-kengai

These and many more such Bonsai tree information lies below, let us all have a look at some information about bonsai plant-

  • The name Bonsai can be translated to ‘planted in a container’.
  • Bonsai was discovered in China, about 1000 years back and were named ‘pun-sai’.
  • If proper care of Bonsai is taken, they can last for up to 100 years.
  • The smallest Bonsai tree in the world can fit in your palm.
  • The most expensive Bonsai tree was sold for around $1.3 Million.
  • The largest Bonsai collection setup was made of 2629 Bonsai trees.
  • Many Bonsai-tree-to-be don’t start growing attractive at all; it is with time and cares they flourish.
  • A 50-year-old Bonsai Pine Tree was found 30,000 meters deep into the stratosphere.
  • In the 14th century and the time around it, the cultivation of Bonsai reached another level of expertise.
  • To keep the Bonsai sound and in shape, regular trimming, shaping, and cutting are needed.
  • World’s first Bonsai convention was held in Osaka, during the time of the World Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition in 1980.
Bonsai Tree Information

We are hoping that you might have got all your Bonsai Plants facts clear and straight. And not just this, there is a lot to know about Bonsai tree which you can know from our website.