Regardless of your age, parties are always a fun activity. So, how about making this Valentine’s Day more exciting by making arrangements for Valentine Day games. You can either enjoy these games with your partner or can arrange a party by inviting other couples to the game. Call up your friends, put out some snacks, possibly a few beverages and let the enjoyment start. To make things much simpler and all the more engaging, I have listed together some incredible Valentine Day party games to get everybody smiling and chuckling.

 Fun Games For The Valentine's Party

1. Who’s Who?

You will require sticker papers and a marker for this game. Select some romantic films names like Notebook, Titanic, Love Actually, Silver Linings, 500 Days of Summer, etc., and write it on stickers. As your friends show up, put one on their back. No one tells each other what is written on the sticker. When someone guesses the right movie, they get a gifts for Valentine Day.

Guess The Movie

2. Name the Song

Choose a few lines from romantic songs and write them on pieces of paper. You can go for old melodies like "Ain’t no sunshine", "It had to be you", "Love You Like a Love Song", etc. Now, give each of your visitors a song line, and they have to read that line in any rhythm. All visitors will try and guess the song. The one with maximum right guesses will win the game.

Guess The Song

3. The Blind Chocolate Race

Sounds delicious, right? Well, it’s going to be. Gather some branded chocolates like Dairy Milk, KitKat, Snickers, Nestle, Amul, etc. Now put these chocolates in a box. Blindfold the players. Each player has to determine the chocolate brand somehow by tasting, touching, smelling, etc. After they guess, they have to put the chocolates in alphabetical order inside a box. The player that does it fastest wins the game.

Chocolate Race

4. Minute to Win it!

One of the most romantic Valentine Day games for couples! A couple will have to stand close with their chins touching, keeping the face at a particular angle. Place one Oreo cookie each at the forehead of both players. Both players have to somehow drag the cookie without touching it to their lips and have to kiss their partner taking the cookie in the mouth at the same time. The couple will have a minute to win it.

Minute to Win

5. The Paper Dance

A game that most of us used to play when we were kids. Spread one newspaper on the floor. Play any romantic song. Ask the couple to step on the paper and start the dance. The team shouldn’t step on the floor while dancing. After one minute of dancing, ask them to stop. Now stop the music and fold the paper into half. Again start the music and ask them to dance for a minute following the same rule. Repeat it again by decreasing the size of the paper. The couple that lasts longer wins the game.

Paper Dance

These are five hilariously romantic Valentine’s party games that you can organise at your home and even for Valentine Day celebration in office. You can buy Valentine Day soft toys or some other sweet gifts for the winners. Happy gaming! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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