Teachers Day Edition: Ways Teacher Impact on their Student Lives

Recently, we had seen how teachers are treated by their students regardless of the fact they stepping out of their comfort zone to educate their students. In that incident, a 55-year-old teacher was asked to take online classes over the Zoom app. As he wasn’t quite equipped with the idea of using this application, he was shaking and often his voice cracked while taking the class. One fine day, an unknown ID started using slangs to humiliate or embarrass the teacher in front of the whole class. After muting the audio of the person creating a ruckus, the student could unmute himself and kept on saying those slangs for entertainment purpose. The teacher has no other choice than to end the class and burst out into tears out of the humiliation he faced.

Ways Teachers Shape Student Life

The audacity of the students these days shows us quite they have forgotten how teachers influence students. It’s absolutely shameful what people consider to be as “cool” is so not “cool”, rather it’s the total opposite. Do they forget that teachers are next to our parents who eventually shape up your lives? This happy teacher’s day let’s not just celebrate our teachers over some amazing teacher’s day gifts. Or gorge away a piece or two of the cake for teachers day which the student council body ordered. Rather introspect or throw some light on the impact every teacher has on us students and how teachers affect students performance, behaviour and to make them a better person of themselves. Here are some reasons why you should be grateful to your teachers eternally.

1) To be honest, teachers have a very significant role to play in the student’s life which doesn’t just revolve around teaching some particular subjects or academically. But also to foster a student’s self -esteem by evoking their self driven, motivating spirit.

Helps for Self Esteem

2) The negative comments from our teachers helped us turn ourselves into a better version of ourselves. These are what kept us motivated and helped us change our “impossible” tasks into “everything is possible” tasks. Also, their negative comments made us an optimistic persona and help us deal with all the hurdles in our life.

Kept us Motivated

3) They taught us how to be a bit more grounded or selfless. Taught us about humility, sympathy and most importantly the moral values. They taught us saying sorries won’t lower our self-esteem and being thankful for something wouldn’t be appreciated unless one does so. Those little acts of kindness are what we learned from our beautiful ( inside out) teachers.

Teaches us Moral Values

4) They help us adapt better to a new environment and teach us how to deal with. Remember, how throughout our childhood - our parents and our siblings happen to be our best friends? And then suddenly the schooling phase comes and we tend to get along with our school people more than provably anyone else? Teachers are to be given credit for as they help us by creating a comfortable yet cordial environment at school and help us socialise with our friends over the recess or the games period.

Help to Adapt Environment

5) They provide emotional support, quite just like our own parents, which makes our school no less than our happy places as our homes. They hold us when our friends leave us, they hold us when we get hurt - which is what makes them our best friends while growing up. We can literally babble anything and they would be more than happy to give us an ear to. Doing so they somehow taught us to be a considerate or kind version of ourselves.

Provide Emotional Support

6) They have faith in us much more than we have in ourselves. They know our weaknesses and hence help us to work on them to attain success in any particular field or subject. They provide us with the right direction or the push, we wanted to increase our efficiency or productivity.

Help to Attain Success

7) They urge us to keep growing by being our guiding light and blessing up with some hands-on experience. Unlike others, they don’t roll their eyes on us or get annoyed and will be willing to give answers to our curious souls, every time with a big smile. That is the reason many eminent personas have given credit for their part of the success to their incredible teachers whom they have always looked up to.

Blessing Up

So, these were quite a few ways in which teachers shape their student’s life. The old Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s saying “A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others”, quite proves to be true as we get to know of them making a bigger and some better impact of us.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s pledge to treat them the way they deserve to be simply because we owe them a lot not just in this life but in other lifetimes to come.

Happy Teacher’s Day to All! :)