When Is Propose Day?

When we talk about Valentine week days, Propose Day is the second day in Valentine week that falls on 8th February. This day, we exhibit our love and emotions that we have been hiding for days or months. This is one such beautiful Valentine week day that gives the opportunity to the one-sided lovers to express what they feel for the other person. Some search ‘what is the best Propose day gift’ and some take flowers and ring as a Propose day gift for their partner. Everyone has their own way of celebrating this eve.

When is Propose Day

Propose day is like bestowing love without thinking of getting anything in return. The fear of falling off is not as usual because it's the love season when people understand each other and the emotions that they have been hiding for a good time. So, plan your surprise well for this valentine week day and open your heart in the most romantic way.

Propose Day For Next Five Years

Year Date Day
2024 8th February Thursday
2025 8th February Saturday
2026 8th February Sunday
2027 8th February Monday
2028 8th February Tuesday

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Propose Day Messages

  • Let me show you the wonders around the world. Let me be the person with whom you share comfort. As it is the season of love, allow me to Propose you and be your companion. Happy Propose Day my love!
  • I am opening my heart before you, a gesture that I wanted to do for long. As it is the time of the year, I would like to make you my Valentine my dear. Happy Propose Day!
  • You lighten up my heart like no one else. Your smile gives me chills and your presence brings happiness to my life. Happy Propose Day my love!
  • Allow me to make you blush as each day is the significance of love, I would like to keep my heart before you and be a part of your life and crew. Happy Propose Day!
  • You are the light to my dark days, happiness to my gloomy times and hope to my life. Happy Propose Day!