Why Do We Bring Money Plant to Our Home?

Indoor plants are a great way to introduce a flush of green to a household. You can keep up with a fine fettle body and relish a boost of positive energy. The Vastu experts recommend potting money plant at home. The waxy green leaves and the foliage is a beautiful piece of decor, amping up the appeal of the interiors of the house by large. Spotting a money plant in homes is easy. It is one of the most widely used indoor plants. Here’s a fun fact you wouldn’t want to miss. Why is a money plant, also known as ‘Scindapsus aureus’ called a ‘Money Plant?’ Does it really help rope in riches or money? Before spilling the beans about the money plant and its contribution to finances, here’s something you might want to take a close look at. The leaves of the plant are quite similar to that of a currency note. Hence, the name ‘Money.’

Now, getting back to the most asked question - is money plant, a money bringer? Yes, money plant work wonders in enhancing one’s financial condition. It helps ward off obstacles, blocking the road of economic growth. If that wasn’t enough to keep you interested, here’s something about potting money plant at home.

The plant rewards one with fortune. Streamlining income from a single source makes life a hard nut to crack - do you agree? Well, on complying with the Vastu requisites and learning about the correct ways to pot a money plant indoor, you could explore a bunch of new avenues that will attract multiple other sources of income. Whether you are putting a money plant in kitchen or potting in your bedroom, there’s an array of benefits you are yet to be schooled about. Curious to learn about the perks of potting money plant at home?

Reasons to Bring Money Plant at Home

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1. Money Plant Lures Luck

There are a ton of indoor plants contributing to the wellness of a house. Money plantis one of the crowd favorites. It is a bringer of good luck and paves the way for prosperity and wealth.

Money Plant Lures Luck

2. The Cleaner

Little did you know, but money plants are not just any humdrum fancy Feng Shui additions. The plant works as an excellent air purifier. From harmful chemicals to hideous synthetic residues, money plant purifies the air from baneful elements. It optimizes the flow of oxygen in the air and makes the home a beautiful, breathing space.

Money Plant is the Cleaner

3. A Plant that Soaks up Radiations

In a technology-driven generation like that of today, there is an umpteen number of gadgets and electronic devices in use. Smartphones, Laptops, and Television, for instance. These devices emit radiation that is damaging to health. Money plant at home absorbs the baneful radiation and spruce up the living conditions at home.

Money Plant Soaks Radiations

4. The Natural Stress Reliever

Do you often find yourself caught in the adverse tautness of life? Are stress and anxiety a big worry? Don’t get the tinsel in your tangle. Money plant works wonders in kissing goodbye to worries, stress, and anxiety. It helps you have a clear mind and sleep better.

The Natural Stress Reliever

Much has been discussed about money plant and the opulence it welcomes. However, you must be heedful about the money plant Vastu tips. A lot depends on how you position the plant and where you pot it. Thrilled to learn about a few tips? Let’s get started:

  • Keep a check on the direction and position of the money plant - Potting the plant in the North-East direction is a big bummer. Instead of making way for opulence and fortune, the money plant, if not positioned right, can lead to a massive loss of money and wealth.
Money Plant Direction

  • Your plant must not dry and rot.
Money Plant Must Not Dry or Rot

  • The stems or leaves should not hit bottom. It is reckoned as one of the most inauspicious things ever.
Stems or Leaves should not Hit Bottom

  • Are you a married couple, often finding yourself in tiffs? Be careful, and never put your money plant in the east-west direction. The position will only increase your squabbles and difficulties in marriage.
Money Plant Direction to Avoid Difficulties in Married Life

  • According to money plant Vastu, it must always be in the south-east direction and shielded from direct sunlight.

The greener your money plant, the wealthier you will be. Comply with the Vastu tips and watch your finances flourish and your health, blooming.

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