20 corporate gifts for new business startups

Each year, several businesses pop up and fail. Though many of these startups have setbacks related to budget, functionality, management and the lack of projects or revenue generations, quite a few shut down due to the fact that they have not been able to build a brand. Many of these sustaining brand-building techniques circle around marketing. And marketing is heavily dependent on new business gifts ideas. These gift items are used as an excellent business strategy to enhance the brand presence of your company. Whether it is the launch of a new product or simply to catch the attention of the people, business gifts are an effective way of conveying the message that your company cares for its people and clients. Needless to say, corporate gifts also make an ideal gift item during joyful events like Christmas, New Year or other festivals.

corporate gifts for new business startups

If your company does not want to give its own products as corporate gifts to the workforce or customers, we can understand the business compulsion. There are companies whose products might be costly and gifting them away in bulk to its clients or employees might not make business sense. Surely you cannot give a costly product as a gift to the masses; otherwise, your company profit will nose-dive. Companies dealing with corporate gifts Delhi come up with catchy new ideas of gift items and hampers that will surely catch your imagination. There are gifting companies that specialise in manufacturing affordable gift items for corporate purposes; you can get in touch with one of the organisations in your city and order bulk corporate gifts Pune.

Top corporate gift ideas for employees

Below you will find the top 20 gift ideas that make the perfect gift for every kind of corporate event and occasion. You can decide which one or a combination of gifts you would like to give your staff and clients based on your spare budget.

Top corporate gift ideas for employees

The most commonly distributed corporate gifts are stationeries. Every business organisation, till date, thrives on the usage of stationeries. Even with the influx of technology, businesses require a substantial volume of stationeries.

  • Diaries with initials personalised
  • Engraved writing pen
  • Personalised table clock
  • Leather laptop bag with the company's logo
  • Customised coffee mug
  • Leather or canvas office bags
  • Keyring set with the initials of each individual employee or client
  • Crystal photo frame
  • Tabletop nameplate
  • Sweet hampers or box of sweets
  • Assorted gift baskets
  • Thank you for being a part of the team memento
  • Nuts and other dry fruits in assortment
  • Customised paperweights
  • Potted indoor plants
  • Earphones or headsets
  • Electric kettle or toasters
  • Sandwich makers engraved with the company logo
  • Customised pen stand
  • Aromatic candles

In today's world, amidst our busy schedule, no one has time to hop from one shop to another and looking into the best corporate gifts for employees. Hence the online stores come as a refuge. It saves time and energy for busy corporations. You can easily browse multiple websites in a short time. You may also compare the item prices and then fix on the one that offers a competitive rate. You can ask for a quotation and a sample product. Once you have them, and then based on the quality and service, you can decide on the supplier.