5 Air-Filtering Plants That You Need In Your Home Right Now

We breathe over 10 to 20 thousand liters of air daily. With this much oxygen going in and carbon dioxide coming out of our lungs every second, it is vital to make sure we are breathing in clean air all day. We are so used to hearing “go out and breathe some fresh air,” but with high levels of pollution, fresh air has become a scare resource.

How about bringing some fresh air inside the house? According to NASA, there are a few air-filtering plants that soak up harmful particles in the air and release fresh oxygen for a safer and cleaner atmosphere - all while adding a decorative touch. Yes, some plants and flowers have amazing health benefits.

5 Air-Filtering Plants That You Need In Your Home Right Now

Let’s find out more about these air-purifying house plants for a healthy and safer environment at home:

Aloe Vera Air Filtering Plant

Aloe Vera

A common houseplant found in the kitchens across the world, Aloe Vera is usually used for treating mild burns and soothing sunburns. But most people are unaware of other benefits of this plant. Keeping Aloe Vera plant at home is also an expedient way to remove harmful solvents from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Owing to its succulent nature, the plant is simple to care for and doesn’t require much water. Aloe Vera is an air -filtering plant that can sit on a sunny corner of your desk, otherwise forgotten, but will continue to purify the air around you.

Spider Plant Air Filtering Plant

Spider Plant

Perhaps one of the most cost effective houseplants to purchase, Spider plant will constantly reproduce with little care. Simply split off a baby spider and it will propagate easily. A fan of bright, indirect sunlight, Spider plants have been known for their cleansing air property

They filter benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene from the air, making them an amazing air-filtering plant choice for you to purchase for your home.

Peace Lily Air Filtering Plant

Peace Lily

With its seashell-shaped spathes that bring a touch of summer, Peace Lilies are not only charming, but also have a pleasant floral scent when in bloom. One of the best plants for removing formaldehyde, it also removes benzene and certain VOCs that are emitted by harsh cleaning products —making it another good air-purifying house plant.

Caution: Just be aware that the leaves can be poisonous to pets and children.

Snake Plant Air Filtering Plant

Snake Plant

As the name suggests, the plant resembles the shape of a snake, or otherwise, once it starts it won’t stop; the Snake Plant is a potent air filtering house plant. It’s particularly lively in moist areas such as the bathroom. It is quite helpful in cleaning formaldehyde from the air which is often found in most bathroom cleaning products, and toilet paper!

Basically, snake plant sucks in carbon dioxide and releases, significantly, more oxygen at night, which also would make it a major reason to have as a house plant in your bedroom.

Boston Fern Air Filtering Plant

Boston Fern

Despite being a well-known houseplant, many people probably never realize that it’s also a powerful air cleaner. It targets mold and other common toxins. And to keep your Boston fern happy, make sure to mist it on a regular basis (or place it in the bathroom to absorb steam). It just prefers to clean the air from a cool location with indirect light and high humidity sources and is highly non-toxic topets.

So plant these to maintain a fresh environment around you.