6 Feng Shui Tips To Fill Your Life With Positivity and Harmony

Developed 3000 years ago, Feng shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) is the Chinese art rather philosophical system of harmonizing everyone by creating a balanced home environment. The term feng shui translates to ‘wind-water’, ‘feng’ meaning wind and ‘shui’ meaning water. Feng shui persuades us to transform our surroundings into energized, harmonious spaces that flow freely, like the wind and the water.

Fengshui items, when placed at home, make way for good fortune, happy times and well-being. You can also present them as gifts to your special ones in order to bless them with positivity and goodness in life. You can look through the top 10 Feng Shui items that would make perfect gifts, along with their significance.

6 Feng Shui Tips To Fill Your Life With Positivityand Harmony

Feng shui looks at the world in context of cosmic energy. One of the key elements or idea of feng shui is that the land is alive and is filled with Chi (positive energy) and that, there should be a smooth flow of chi through your space. Where it’s blocked, the energy becomes stagnant and you’re likely to feel low in life. Balancing and correcting the chi of your home helps encourage and invigorate energy, positivity, and flow.

Here are 6 Feng Shui tips to fill your homes with positivity and harmony:

1. Make Your Entry path Welcoming and Beautiful

Feng shui recognizes the main door as the entrance of chi (energy) into the home. It’s the main gateway to fortune, positivity, and abundance.

  • Make your entry path beautiful and if possible, surrounded by greenery. Your entryway should give people a positive energy. Infuse it with colors and fragrance. You can use wind chimes, lights, plants, flags, crystals, and fountains – anything that energizes you and makes you happy.
  • Always make a point to use the front door as the entry gate. Avoid entering through the back door or garage gate.
 Feng Shui Home front door beautifully surrounded by green plants

2. Keep Away From Clutter

This is obvious and a non-negotiable first step towards feng shui. If the clutter isn’t avoided, the energy would not flow freely. Clutter causes stress on both conscious and subconscious levels. It causes our insatiable desire of wanting more to surge, thereby making us feel dissatisfied with what all we have.

 Well organized kitchen space and moving area for Feng Shui home

3. Make Sure Everything Is Functioning Properly

Ensure that all doors and drawers open effortlessly without getting jammed. Leaks should be fixed, lights and fans should be working and remotes should have batteries, basically, everything should be functioning properly. Don’t procrastinate or delay the corrections needed, as they disrupt the flow of chi (energy) in the house.

All things should function properly for Feng shui home like door knob, drawers, etc

4. Bedroom Is Only Meant For Relaxing

If you want to experience calmness of mind and body, and also in your relationships, your bedrooms should serve only the purpose of relaxation and that includes Sleep and Sex. Don’t invite the energies of restlessness, mindlessness or exertion into your relaxed space.

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Clean and refreshing bedroom with windows for Feng Shui home

5. Create Free Passage Through Your Home

As the name suggests, feng shui symbolize the elements of wind and water. This implies that as you walk through your home, you should be able to flow like water. There should be liquidity in your movement away from any blatant obstacles or obstructions.

 Free passage or doorway for walking through the Feng Shui Home

6. Must Clean All Your Windows

Windows indicate your eyes to the world – and how the world views you. Therefore, you should be able to see and experience everything the world has to offer, without any hindrance caused due to dirt, grime, and filth.

Woman cleaning the windows for Feng Shui Home