5 Amazing Fashion Lessons Everyone Needs To Learn

Before we head anywhere, let’s ask you a simple question - What is Fashion?

Well, fashion is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers. More precisely, fashion is the latest trend which everyone wants to follow. Therefore, adding more to this, there are certain things or lessons that should be followed to maintain a perfect style statement.

Aiswarya Rai - A Bollywood diva with great fashion sense

So here are some fashion lessons that everyone should learn in order to make people say “That’s what Fashion is”:

1. Casuals are the All-time Favorites

Casual is the new chic. We see most of the fashion stylists and actors carrying casual wear so effortlessly and making it look so stylish and classy. Even the floral prints and patterns are trending everywhere. Lovely floral skirts for women and floral shirts for men are the perfect look these days. So there’s no need for wearing tacky clothes and thinking to look extra-ordinary, but your casuals can make you look super cool.

A girl wearing casual outfit - Simple and elegant fashion statement

2. Flowers are the New Cool

The beauty and subtle features of flowers along with the pleasant fragrance can conquer the hearts of many. Also the beauty which is depicted by looking at them adds up the charm. Flower tiaras, garlands and flower jewelry usually worn by brides these days, make their wedding journey more special. So, keeping this in mind, using flowers this way can make their day even more special and beautiful.

A girl wearing flower crown, looking adorable in this fashion trend

3. Experiments are Meant to be Performed

If you don’t experiment your style will become stale and you don’t want that happening with you. Try varying kinds of outfits, some of which are out of the comfort zone too. You never know when something clicks and becomes your new favorite! You can try out for flower rings, bracelets or anklets that will perfectly suit your attire and will redefine you too.

 A girl experimenting her looks with flower neck-piece and ring

4. Mix and Match

There comes a time when boring outfits combining up with some accessory creates a perfect look! So quirk up a boring outfit with statement accessories and you’ll be good to go. Like a beautiful bag or funky shoes will go great with casual wear or different western attire.

Aishwarya Rai purple colour lipstick mix and match look suiting her

5. Formals are Fun too

If you thought that formals are just for boardrooms and client meetings, then change your thought! Formals look classy and elegant. Formal stilettos for women and blazers for men are the perfect wear at any party or event. They make you stand out in the crowd.

A boy in formals  - an all time fashion statement

So these are some of the fashion lessons which would surely make you look the best and would help you to develop your style statement.