5 Things to Surprise Your Sibling on Bhaubeej!

Bhaiya dooj or Bhaubeej is a festival celebrated during the month of Shravan in the Hindu calendar. It has its roots in the traditional Hindu belief that Lord Shiva created Bhairava, The God of Fearlessness, to protect children from evil forces. Whoever hears this story on Bhayia Dhoop was supposed to be protected from all types of dangers in the coming year. Bhaiyadooj is a festival celebrated by Indian brothers and sisters from all over the world. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Bhaiyadooj is a festival that brings together brothers and sisters from all over the world. So here are 5 Things to Surprise Your Sibling on Bhaubeej:


Smart Watch

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your sibling, this is it! With apps that help you schedule fun activities, fitness, and sleep functions that keep you healthy, a Smart Watch is the ultimate gift. Wonderful bhai dooj gifts for the sibling who is always on time, a smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls from your wrist as well amongst other activities.

Customised Passport Wallet

A customised passport wallet is a perfect gift for your sibling with a sense of style and adventure. It is one of the best bhai dooj personalised gifts to go for this bhai dooj. The perfect gift for your travelling sibling or anyone that is always away! We will customise this passport wallet to look like a book cover. Perfect for minimalists, making it easy to identify among other things in their luggage when travelling.

Square Jigsaw Puzzle

A personalised Jigsaw puzzle is a great way to show your sibling how much you care! These classic puzzles feature a variety of images and quotes to choose from. Matching puzzles make for a thoughtful gift they'll enjoy assembling together. It makes a perfect Bhai dooj for a brother or sister!

Personalised Mug

Personalised mugs make an excellent gift for your beloved sibling as they can be really useful as well as beautiful. It makes a classic and excellent bhai dooj gifts for brother. A quality personalised mug with the perfect photo of you and your brothers and sisters, all printed on our high-resolution sublimation mugs.


A plant is a thoughtful gift for anyone. It's educational, aesthetic, and a small reminder of your love. A gift for life is just unique for your sibling. This is also a great gift idea that will keep on giving all through the year. Giving the gift of plants allows that special someone to learn about gardening while creating beauty in their own environment. You can also gift a plant with a bhai dooj cake and surprise your dear brother like never before!

So here are 5 Things to Surprise Your Sibling on Bhaubeej! With these unique gifts, you can surprise your sibling like never before. So this year, show all your love and affection for your sibling and make the promise of having each other’s back, always!

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