Brilliant gift bag ideas for your corporate events

Corporate events are just another chance for the business to promote. One can easily find a promotional or educational event happening around. And if you are into a business or hold an administrative or C Level post in a company, then you know how important it is to leave a lasting mark of the brand on the attendees.

And corporate gift bags are the profound way to grab the attention of attendees and to convert them. At first, the idea of overwhelming the clients and people in the event with a gift bag can seem like a hole in the pocket, but eventually, it is just like an investment for the betterment of the business.

Corporate Gift Bag

But what are some cool gift bag ideas that you, as a business, can rely upon to attain a high ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT)?

We have got some corporate gift ideas or gift hampers that have awesome potential to convert attendees into customers and will keep the current clients with you for long.

1. A Bag Full Of Eatables

Instead of a simple tote bag that will get tossed in a drawer and never used again, why not spend a little more on a reusable backpack or daypack? A branded pack will allow your guests to show off your logo, again and again, giving you a more significant return on your investment. And fill up the bag with snacks and cookies of brands that are loved by all.

A Bag Full Of Eatables

2. T-Shirts

T-shirts are considered as the most common and most effective way of promoting a brand. And thus they make a great item for corporate gift hampers. Just make sure it's not gaudy and turns off the attendee from ever wearing it in public. Keep the logo of your brand small and get it printed at a place where it can be seen but doesn't take away the beauty of t-shirts. The attendee must not look like a hired person for promotional purposes after wearing it. To manage the size of T-shirts, provide attendees with a voucher in the gift bag which they can redeem on the stalls to pick up the t-shirt of their size on their way out.


3. Printed Tea-Cup Set

A set of printed tea-cups is one of the great gift bag ideas for employees. Always remember that to establish the business as a renowned brand, quality should never be compromised. Presenting your employees a corporate gift bag that contains a set of quality tea-cups nicely printed with the company's logo will promote a business as employees will serve tea or coffee to the guest at their houses in the printed cups.

Printed Tea-Cup Set

4. Neck Pillows

Neck pillows are great for events where attendees have to fly-in. You can opt to keep the neck pillows only in the gift bag for clients who travelled to your event from a far location. It will show them that the business really cares about the clients, which will be really fruitful. Neck pillows may not promote or expose your brand to many but will ensure a long-lasting relationship with the current clients. And as long as business survives, there are chances to grow!

Neck Pillows

5. Sweets and Plantable Paper

Be creative and let the attendees of the event know that you want the sweetness in business relationships and know the importance of plants in our environment. Hence prepare corporate gift bags having your brand's logo and name on it and place boxes of pure sweets and Plantable papers (seeds embedded) to all the attendees of the event. This one will promote the thought that your business runs on ethics.

Sweets and Plantable Paper

Or you can initiate contact with a renowned gifting portal for corporate gifting!