Chocolates - Our Best Friends

Chocolates are much more than just an aid to cure a broken heart! And I am saying that with a smile on my face, because I have experienced it myself.

The silky little bar of brown heaven, wrapped in so much mouthful of taste, is actually underrated for all the varied benefits it offers. Chocolates give us so much that we most of the times are not able to gauge and put in our list of chocolate goodness. They actually prove to our best friends for life. Let us have a look at the Benefits of Chocolates

Girl eating chocolate - Importance of Chocolates are many

1. Amazing Health Benefits

Well, It turns out that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, reduces body mass, prevents blood clots, improves the longevity of life, may prevent cancer, and doesn’t ruin your complexion. Also, chocolates are said to be good companions in controlling cough. Students who are studying harder, if they eat a chocolate bar every day, can feel smarter because chocolates strengthen the brain too. Girls cautious about their skin, should stick to a healthy bar of cocoa rich dark chocolate and reap the benefits in a visible healthy glow on their face. So much of health that is packed in a bar of chocolate. We all are tired of the painful cough, and guess what? Chocolates are proven as a cough suppressant, as theobromine found in cocoa helps to suppress cough. Polyphenols available in chocolates also help fend off degenerative diseases.

Health benefits of chocolate because of its fat content

2. Perfect Back-Up Plan

Imagine there is a surprise party for a friend and you have to attend it immediately after your office. There is hardly any time to think of a gift idea, stroll the malls and select or shop for a gift, but you have to make it for the party. Guess what? Chocolate Gift Boxes come to your rescue there! You can simply order a wonderful hamper of chocolates Gift sets packed artistically in dazzling wrappers and make it the best gift for your friend. Trust me, the smile on your friend's face would be the widest, when they receive such a chocolicious gifts.

WoW Chocolate gift boxes and hampers

3. Mood Lifter

From ages immemorial, chocolates have proven to be instant mood boosters, simply for the amazing composition they hold. One of the benefits of dark chocolate that it contains mood-boosting compounds such as theobromine and phenylethyamine. Further, a recent Swiss study found that eating a little over an ounce of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate (about 6 Hershey pieces) daily for two weeks reduces stress hormone levels including cortisol in people with high anxiety. Isn't that amazing? We must make good use of these anti-stress properties of chocolates whenever we are low on energies, mentally and physically.

chocolate gift - can bring a sweet smile

4. Best Gifts For Any Age

I am yet to come across a person of any age who doesn't love chocolates. Cute little toddlers to grannies in the house, a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, they all are crazy over these little brown pieces of heaven. And that's why they make the best gift for every age. I remember once, sending a bouquet of chocolates to one of my distant aunts, who was not keeping well. She wrote me numerous mails after that, just to express her happiness for the days she kept eating chocolates. I felt so happy and blessed that I could give her those moments of contentment and cheerfulness. So, it wouldn't be wrong to say, that chocolates make the best gifts for women.

Chocolate - Brown dark chocolate pieces a perfect gift for any

To sum it all, I would say, chocolates are actually a key to everyone's health and happiness. Nine out of ten people love chocolates and the 10th one is mostly lying!

5. Chocolates Simply Make You Smile

There is no denying that chocolates are perfect for everyone, and everybody enjoys relishing this delight. Chocolate in any form is proven to provide warmth, joy, and immense bliss every time. Imagine a winter evening, and you are sipping a cuppa of hot chocolate. Chocolates have mood-boosting antioxidants that promote the release of endorphins in the brain. You can shower your dearest ones with love and bring exuberant smiles to their faces by gifting them a heart-curated chocolate gift pack; as stated earlier, they make the best gift.

Chocolates that make you smile

To sum it all up, I would say, chocolates are actually a key to everyone's health and happiness. Nine out of ten people love chocolates and the 10th one is mostly lying!

I wish you a wonderfully enriching and lifelong friendship with chocolates!