Crafted With Love: Ideas for Handmade Cards For Sister’s Birthday

One thing about handmade greeting cards is that the other gift can’t possibly take its love or priceless emotions away by replacing it. When one prepares it for a special occasion like a birthday, he/she pours all his/her heart full of love, well wishes and tonnes of good luck to it. Which is why it makes for one of the love crafted gifts of all time.

Here are a few ways to make handmade cards for sister birthday on your own in a manner that she will really appreciate.

Handmade Cards For Sister's Birthday

Dress Birthday Greeting Card For Sister

Dress Birthday Greeting Card For Sister

- Take a white A4 size sheet, fold it into half and keep it aside.
- Take a colour sheet of any bright colour, could be blue, pink, red or purple.

A colour sheet of any bright colour

- Cut a rectangular piece from that sheet of width around 6 cm.
- Then starting from one end to the other, fold it once inside and the other time, the outside, sol that it overlaps each other just like as if we are making a hand fan.

Fold the paper by hand from once inside and the other time outside

- Once done, apply glue on each of the folded cringes, both front and back. Bring it together to affix it. The gown or the skirt of the lady is ready.

Put glue on the handmade skirt of the lady and blouse

- To make the blouse, cut a piece of another colour sheet complimenting the one already chosen.
- Sketch out the blouse with pencil, first and then go ahead with cutting it out.
- After having the blouse cutout ready affix it on top of the skirt part.
- Once the entire dress is ready, apply a generous amount of glue to stick this dress on to the white folded sheet.

Handmade Dress sticked to the white folded sheet

- Cut Out the remaining white sheet from the borderline of the dress. You will be able to open the skirt of the dress into a greeting card.
- Embellish the dress in our own way by decorating it with some sparkles, glitters, beads and other such decorative things.


- On the inside with the help of markers or sketch pens write a birthday wish for your sister. And your handmade card will be ready to present it to her.

Beautiful Handmade Birthday Card For Sister

Beautiful Handmade Birthday Card For Sister

- Take a pale pink sheet of 28x20 cm and fold it into half.
- Now, take a pink sheet of 20x20 cm and fold it into half. And then into half again, forming like a square shape.

Cut out heart shape on pink sheet of 20x20 cm

- Then further fold it diagonally half, forming a triangle. Then again, forming a triangle, fold it into half so that it somewhat forms a triangle with unequal sides.
- Open one last fold to see the crease on the triangle paper. Then sketch out the head of the heart keeping the crease in between both the sides. Further, cut out into an elongated heart-shape paper.

 2 heart-shaped paper cutout

- Just like this way, take another shade complimenting the pink paper and follow the above process once again to have a heart-shaped paper cutout. But the sheet size would be 14x14 cm this time.
- Once you have both the heart-shaped cutouts ready, start by opening the 20x20 cm one first. When you open it, you will see it forming like a flower with petals.
- Place it over the pale pink sheet and align it to your left side. The flower cutout needs to cover only the half of the card, so measure out the part which needs to be cut out and then take a scissor to chop it off.
- In the same way, open the other heart cutout into a floral one and place it over the chopped flower cutout over the greeting card. Likewise, scale-out the part which is excess and falls out of the card margin and chop it off.
- Then place both of the cutouts one over the another on the cover flap of the greeting card. Roughly make a semi-circle surrounding it and cut only the top flap of the greeting card into that semi-circle.

Make a semi-circle on pink sheet

- With the help of the glue stick the flowers one superimposing on top of the other. Then curve out the petals of the flowers so that it gives a pop out appeal.

Curve out the petals of the flowers

- Finally cut out a circle to make the centre of the flower and similarly align it to your left side as you stick it with glue.

Cut out a circle on paper to make the centre of the flower

- Decorate it some with sparkles, glitter and other such things.

Decorate the centre of the flower

- Write a special message for your sister inside the card and present it to her.

So, these were the two most beautiful ideas to make a handmade birthday greeting card for your lovely sister. Hope you like it and would try making it soon!

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