Digital Gift Ideas for Virtual Events

The deadly pandemic has completely changed the scenario of live events and conferences. Many top conferences have had to pivot to virtual events, which raises an important question: What gifts should you give to attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners when you can't meet them in person. When you are holding a virtual event, especially for the first time, it would be great to leave a terrific first impression on your audience. One of the ways to make a good impression is by giving a digital gift after the event.

Digital Gifts Ideas

Looking for digital gifts for corporate events to give to your virtual conference attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners? Here are some creative and high-impact digital gifts ideas you can use today.

1. Virtual Goodie Bags

If physical events can have goodie bags, then why not virtual events can have virtual goodie bags? Just so you know, these virtual goodie bags are not literally bags. The bag comes in the form of an app or website that can be accessed through a mobile phone and may include certain deals, such as gift codes, online games, discount offers, entertainment, and more.

Virtual Goodie Bags

2. E Gift Cards

Being one of the best digital gifts, an electronic gift card is like your plain old physical gift card. The only difference is that they come with a special digital code that can be mailed to the recipient for easy redemption and purchase by them. Digital gift cards are not only easy to use and redeem but also gives the recipient the freedom to buy anything they like. As long as you have emails from your attendees, speakers, and other recipients, you can send them ecards that they can spend their way.

E Gift Cards

3. Digital Swag Bag

The term "swag" is event-planning lingo for promotional gear given away in conferences and events. So, for your virtual event, what type of swag will you be offering? Swag bags may seem like a minor detail, but they actually provide event organizers with a great opportunity to create a memorable event. You can send a digital swag bag to the attendees via text, email, app, or site link. Even though virtual events have not controlled the scene forever, being digital has great benefits. For one, your guests will not have to deliver a bag around your conference.

Digital Swag Bag

4. Digital Bullet Journal

How about a bullet journal? Many people use bullet journals they seamlessly combine their normal day planner, diary, and written meditation notebook into one powerful tool that's been proven to reduce stress and boost productivity. Send a digital version to each of your conference participants and attendees as a top-notch digital gift.

Digital Bullet Journal

5. E-Scan gifts

Wish and scan. Scan the code sent by the sender to decode the treasured gift and message.

E-Scan gifts

6. Personalised Thank You Card

They may be old school, but personal thank you cards never really go out of style. In fact, they are rarely sent these days; your recipients may actually appreciate them more than some of the other gift ideas on this list. To send a personalised personal thank you card in digital format, you can use the services various online services.

Personalised Thank You Card

7. Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have gained in popularity over the years. These elegant and classy boxes have striking patterns filled in with gifts and your love. The service then sends a box of gifts to them every month based on their preferences.

Subscription boxes

So, these were some digital corporate gift ideas which you can use while holding any virtual events. Send these corporate gifts in Gurgaon or any other place or city. All you need is a good internet connection and some great ideas in mind.

Happy gifting!