Easy-Peasy Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, handmade gifts have more value than other materialistic gifts. DIY birthday cards are one of the things that people often keep longer than gifts, so we always want to give cards that are extra special and thoughtful. What could be a better way to make a card like this? Here are some handmade birthday card ideas which you can give your loved ones because gifts made with love are always appreciated.

Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Need a quick last minute birthday card you can make at home? Here’s a perfect DIY gift idea. Washi tape birthday cards are simple and easy to make. So, if you are looking to send it to more than one person, you can easily make it in mass quantities so you are ready for every birthday that comes during the year.


- Blank White Cards and Envelopes
- Birthday Stamps/Acrylic Block
- Black Ink
- Glaze Pens
- Washi Tape
- Cardstock
- Scissors or Paper Cutter
- Foam Tape

How to make a Washi Tape Birthday Card?

1. Start by arranging your clear stamps on an acrylic block.
2. Then press on the black ink and then press the image on the white cardstock paper. In like manner, re-ink and stamp again. Fill the cardstock with multiple stamped designs, leaving some space between.
3. Stamp different images multiple times. After the ink dries, color the details with the glaze pens.
4. Use a scissor to cut the edge cleanly.
5. Then take the card and add strips of colored washi tape over it. Allow the edges to be thick and uneven. Allow some white space to be shown in between the washi tapes.
6. Now, use scissors to cut off the excess washi tape from the edges.
7. Finally, add a strip of foam tape behind the stamped birthday image.
8. Repeat the same, for as many cards as you need for the year.

Washi Tape Handmade Birthday card

Butterfly Handmade Birthday Card

All you need are some sticky note pads, color pencils, for this adorable birthday keepsake


- Art Paper (26X18cm)
- Sticky Note Pad
- Color Pencils
- Scissor
- Glue

How to Make a Butterfly Handmade Card?

1. Fold the Sheet into Two
2. Draw a three quarter Circle
3. Cut the Three-quarter Circle with the help of Scissor
4. Take four to five Sticky notes and cut them in Butterfly Shape
5. Now paste the butterflies on the side of the circle
6. Your Card is ready! Just write whatever you want to write in the Card and send it to your loved ones

Butterfly Handmade Birthday Card

3D Flower Handmade DIY Card

If you are looking for an amazing 3D flower handmade DIY card for your best friend or your loved ones, then you go nowhere. It is one of the best DIY birthday card ideas for your loved ones. Here we are sharing a simple yet elegant 3D DIY card idea for your loved ones special day.


- Card stock in A6 (or fold a piece of A5 in half)
- Green paper
- Assorted scraps of coloured paper
- Black pen
- Scissors
- Glue Stick

How to make 3D handmade cards?

1. Start cutting your green sheet of A5 paper slightly down, so it fits inside your card stock – with a nice rim around the edge.
2. Fold into half.
3. Cut some slits. Two long ones about half way, two shorter ones about 1/3 of the way, then two long, two short, two long.
4. These will become the stems of your pop up flowers.
5. Open your green sheet of paper up and now turn these stems inside out.
6. Carefully glue your green sheet of paper with the pop up flower stems onto your card stock.
7. Now draw simple black flowers on your coloured paper in different sizes. You can also draw any birds or flowers of your choice.
8. Cut these all out.
9. Carefully stick your paper flowers to your stems.
10. To give it a beautiful look stick some flowers into the outside of your flower card and envelope!!

3D Flower Handmade Birthday Card

Letterboard DIY Birthday Card


- White cardstock
- Pink cardstock
- Printable frame guide
- a scoreboard & scoring tool
- sticker paper and black marker
- double-sided adhesive

How to Make Letterboard DIY Birthday Cards?

1. Trim a piece of light pink (or any color) cardstock down to 7 x 10″ . Fold it in half to create the 5 x 7″ card and then use a scoreboard and scoring tool to engrave horizontal lines to the front of the card.
2. Cut out the white frame out of cardstock and then adhere it to the front of the card.
3. Next, cut out 1″ tall letters on a piece of 8.5 x 11″ sticker paper.
4. Once cut, place the letters on the cards.
5. So there you have it! A fun birthday card idea you can customize any way you want!

Letterboard DIY Birthday Card

So, these were some easy peasy handmade birthday card ideas. Convey your heartfelt wishes to your loved ones by writing a handwritten note in one of these cards. If you wish to send some more thoughtful gifts with your handmade cards then you can always find a plethora of meaningful birthday gifts online. All you need to do is a little search. Happy gifting!

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